Why you shouldn't rely on one lucky break/moment/mention and instead continually 'feed' your business

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday. Ours was very chilled after a week of a visitors and included a lot of activities that could be done in loungewear. Ideal!

Today I want to share something with you; which may just change your business, your brand and your life choices. Errrm, come on, Nicky?! Er really? That is some big promise for a Tuesday morning. 

I know, I know, but I stand by my claim. 

If you have followed for a while, you may know that I trained as an actor. I still love it but these days my attitude towards the industry and my place within it is very different. 

As a young actor, we were taught to be humble, patient and grateful. Hence many years of feeling gleefully grateful whenever I got a free sandwich and a lift home. I don't think I had grasped the concept of being 'business savvy' and actually expecting to be paid for my work. 

As I was concentrating on 'being discovered' or noticed or chosen or flavour of the month, I spent a lot of time being passive. I didn't want to come across as being pushy...

But as the time went on, the wait became longer and self doubt increased and guess what... the opportunities didn't come. 

Then I realised. I actually liked being proactive. It gave me energy, it made me feel like I was making progress and being in the state of that 'flow' I was building momentum and through that, I was more likely to gain success. Bingo.

In the business world, sometimes there is this pretence that your succeed will happen overnight or it will be one silver, shiny, sparkling moment that will change EVERYTHING. Or once we have the three keys to unstoppable success,we will be a hop, skip and a jump away from private jet life!

However mostly it is consistent action that you take that will gain you the results... you know, like with exercise...you could do a 4 hour gym session once a month but it is likely you will see more change when you do less but more frequently. 

I know it is boring and unsexy. In fact, sometimes I have convinced myself everything would change when I got a certain bit of press, or invitation or made a connection. If anything, it just added to the general melting of 'feeling good' and feeling good is when I do my best work (and that may or may not be in lounge wear! :)