The fear factor and how to use it

In daily life we all have tasks or situations that are scary or out of our comfort zones. We have matters we know we should get round to, but don’t because we get that nervous feeling in our stomachs so we put them off.

Do you remember a time when you overcame your fear? When you sent a terrifying email or asked a risky question and produced a fantastic result? Sometimes the thought is far worse than the actual action and the feeling of accomplishment can be amazing, to the point where you wish you had done it sooner.

Life is short, so why not be bold and push yourself that little bit extra…..what do you have to lose?

Here are five ways to help you overcome your fears.


Identify what it is you want to achieve. 'I would like………' Be very specific and describe every detail. Do not restrict yourself at this stage or get stuck on how you are going to do. Use step 1 to gain clarity.

2. Visualise  

Now close your eyes and fast forward to the day where you have achieved what you wanted in step 1. A stone lighter, become an entrepreneur, be debt free. Get into that mind set and start to visualize how that feels. How do you feel in your body? What advantages do you now have? What are people saying to you? What can you now do that you couldn’t before.

3. Scribble

Next grab a piece of paper and begin to write down your journey to work….. 1) Walk to the bus stop. 2) Take the x bus to the tube. 3) Take the Victoria Line southbound……..

Then take another piece of paper and write down the journey from where you are now to achieving the goal. Write down every single stage. The first may be sorting your desk so you can get in a clear frame of mind to send that first email.

4. Be kind to yourself

Start to acknowledge the negative thoughts you say to yourself on a daily basis. The word ‘can’t’ may heavily factor so start to try using different phrases. If ‘I can’ sounds little too far away, start to experiment with ‘I could’ I could try’ ‘Perhaps’ ‘Maybe’ and see how that changes matters.

5.Take the first step today

The aim of this exercise is not be scared by the list and feel overwhelmed but to feel empowered and take the fear out of it. Tomorrow is the beginning of November, so see if you can complete the first action before then. You may find you pick up the momentum to need.