PODCAST: Episode Twenty Six with Christabel Saul

In today's episode I talk to Christabel who is half Danish half Australian moved to the UK 10 years ago to develop her love for theatre, film and fashion work. Formerly a costume &set designer, textiles artist, stylist and DIY lover, Christabel now lives in Somerset with her husband and three children.

Christabel launched The Mother Maker in 2017 , to celebrate and support mums in the creative industries. With the launch of their online marketplace in November of last year, she now spends her time curating the website, by hand selecting independent mum run brands and products that she loves. With everything from art & prints, stationery, books, beauty & skincare products, fashion & accessories, children’s clothing, homewares and lifestyle items, Christabel is on a mission to get society to change their buying habits and to not only  recognise the work of  these small emerging brands but to continue to campaign for more people to shop independently. She believes that by shopping independently and especially from mothers we can support parents on this muddy journey between finding a work /life balance and their commitment to working flexibly around the needs of their family. She believes that by supporting working mothers in society, and allowing them the chance to contribute financially to their family we can give them that life fulfilment outside of the home that makes them better parents and that this can only have a positive effect on our society and economy.  Alongside the online marketplace, Christabel and her team of mother makers produce markets, workshops and exhibitions to further promote the work of these independent brand and designer makers.  When she’s not working away on her laptop or hosting playdates and after school clubs for the kids (two things that take up most of her time) you can catch her in her studio making things, doing DIY projects around their new home or researching artists for her upcoming exhibition ‘Make Love Not War’ which will be curated and produced by The Mother Maker later this year.