PODCAST: Episode Three with Suzy Reading

In today's episode, I speak to the wonderful Suzy Reading and we discuss all things self care. As a business owner and a Mum this is so important to me. Self care can be something that falls down when busy, however Suzy makes the concept so practical and accessible.

We discuss:

  • What self-care is (self-care is health care for the head, heart and body)

  • Articulating WHY we need self-care

  • Teaching people how to actually do it - using my Vitality Wheel framework.

  • Breaking down the barriers to self-nourishment (time, energy, finances and GUILT)

  • helping people understand the psychology of behaviour change, willpower, small incremental change, connecting with your values. There are lots of experts out there telling us what to do, and intuitively we all know what we need to do, but its another thing to make it all happen! As a psychologist, Suzy is passionate about breaking it down for people, making it do-able.

Find out more about the book below: