PODCAST: Episode Forty One with Candice Brathwaite

We are back... a little one week break; a plan going forward, a new intro (thank you for the pep talk (@mattyparatty @sisr27 ) and some wonderful guests coming up for you. 

Before we recorded, I had had many conversations with today's guest @candicebrathwaite but mostly were in my head...or said out loud in my living room. I was of course responding to her tea time. 

I love Instagram for all its multi coloured, 'trending' glory. However if I am spending a lot of time here, I require other sensations too; to be educated, challenged, engaged, surprised, humbled and ultimately to connect. I love everything about @makemotherhooddiverse and I am proud to say that my podcast is telling a huge range of stories. That is my commitment. 'Success' is not just one thing. It's not just first class flights and red soled shoes. Thank you so much for your support
To the next 40 episodes...