PODCAST: Episode Fifty Six with Natalie Lee, Style me Sunday

E P I S O D E F I F T Y S I X is live. Today I speak to Natalie @stylemesunday Nat is one of those women who is a true supporter of other women. I spoke at her #warriorwomenproject last year and she brought together an incredible gathering of women who wanted to celebrate identity, stories and our strengths. 
Body Image is such a complex topic; so often we are told or we feel that we are not enough. I've felt too short, too stocky, too ginger, too booby, too curvy etc etc etc. So many of my teenage years were spent obsessing over food and exercise. I look back at some pictures of myself and I see such sadness in my eyes. 
Language and conversation is so important around this topic. Like success; beauty and identity come in all shapes and forms; all are equally valid. 
Such a thought provoking episode with some practical tools or practical conversation starters.