Podcast: Episode Fifteen with Esther Coren, founder of On The Spike

E P I S O D E F I F T E E N is live...

A few weeks ago @esthermcorenshared an Instagram story about money; how to lead the conversation and how to negotiate when the industry 'guidelines' are rather sketchy. I thought this would be a perfect topic for the podcast because I know so many of my clients stumble on what to charge, how to ask for more and how to move out of the traditional 'per hour' structure. She shares her route into journalism and how changing direction is natural and no bad thing. Also the power of THE INSTAGRAM and how you can make it work for your business.

Finally why it is so important to have a creative portfolio- a blog/podcast/videos so you can show yourself at your best, rather than always waiting for someone else to give you permission to go ahead. Would love to know your thoughts.