PODCAST: Episode Eighteen with Niyc Pidgeon

E P I S O D E  E I G H T E E N is here.

In today's episode I speak with @niycpidge I first came across Niyc when she was interviewed by another Wonder Woman Emily @iheartmylifenow I could hear a Northern vowel (you know I can suss them out a mile off 😉) and it intrigued me. At my school, it wasn't cool to be clever, ambitious or different. 'Coolness' was being the same, wearing the same jacket, circling around the same five boys (who to be honest looking back were fairly dubious in their looks and personality) and playing it safe. I was fascinated to hear how Niyc had defied expectations and has grown a successful business online. I loved chatting to Niyc and I'm sure you will finish the episode believing anything is possible, just like I did.