EMERGE: Day Seven

Yesterday’s live seems to have struck a cord...I've had so many messages. 

On a side notes, I spoke about Kylie and Jason and *that* exchange during Hyde Park. Ooh it is a fascinating watch...

The second point I made today was about negotiation. As you may know I work with my coaching clients at a members club. At the beginning of 2017 I was looking for that new way of working. I loved the flexibility of being able to work from home but also I had a need to get out... 

When I work with clients, I want the process to be relaxed, supported and within a space that is safe and abundant. 
In past years I have coached in cafes or hotels but I was looking for a space that was reliable and central. 

There is a yearly membership fee plus a joining fee...both of which were due at a time when I was only just starting to get back into proper work and we were about to have some nursery fees in the mix... almost £600 per month. 

So I asked if I could pay quarterly. They had this as an option for under 30s...I jokingly said I could bob down and find good lighting. 

Jokes aside. Sometimes we have to ask questions and talk about possibilities...the ones that are not written down. I knew I needed to make that leap in my business but I wanted to do it comfortably so I could thrive.It was an immediate yes, no questions asked. 

I explained my reasons and also boldly said it was important that I was a member. Often I am surrounded by men..fast talking, straight forward thinking but sometimes closed. So often I see rudeness to the staff... I have to curb that voice that wants to shout 'AND WHAT DO YOU SAY?' when there is no hint of a manner. 

I want you to know I love men and I know I can say that without sounding like I am going to steal your husband or as we said back in the day 'A right goer!'. I have a very lovely husband to be of my own... 

I explained in my email that I was a creative women. One who is not just here to do one thing but who is evolving in this creative space. I am also a mother who has a son so I need him to know about equality. I want him to see diverse story telling. I want him to see his Mama using her voice, talents, skills and general 'Let's do this' attitude in its full brightness. 

Sometimes options are closed or limited to a tick-the-box system because they have never been questioned. I hate it when people shrug and say 'Well that's the way we've always done it' 
Everything and everyone needs wiggle room. 

I hope by asking questions, it will open the option for another woman or another person who wants to uplevel in a great way without the stress. 

Whenever I question scary leaps, I always go back to my big why and it always knee jerks me into action. 

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