I want to earn more money....

Ermmm nope and never apologise.

Plus you don't need permission from me or anyone. So many of my clients want more money, to be paid well for what they do... and here's the juicy bit... whether they love it or not.

Sometimes we can feel like just because we love what we do/it is easy for us/ or we've always done it we should make do.

I used to feel like that about being a creative... I should be paid less because I actually enjoyed what I did.

The fact I had exactly the same brain power as corporate contemporaries seemed to pass me by. I remember being invited to a work do by a lawyer friend of mine. It was really dull. I ended up talking to a senior partner at the bar because he had good chat. My friend told me it wasn't the thing to do. Obviously I was professionally behaved... but most of the people of the people that night judged me for not being a lawyer. I received a 'scrunched up nose' or a 'I'll just glance over your shoulder and see if there is anyone more relevant to talk to'

The thing is this isn't about lawyers.

I could have been one.

I have six in my family. But I chose not to.

It's ok to want what you want. In fact the quicker you can figure out what you want, the quicker you will actually get what you want.

I dedicated a whole module to money in my Personal Brand Plan for Parents... because so many of us are leaving money on the table aka we are not sharing our value/ or saying what we have to offer or underselling/underplaying it...'it's just this little thing I am working on' Nooo I want to hear if/ see it/BUY IT!