Please don't wait... find out why

Sometimes it is the stuff that is going on right now. The email that has finally landed you get the response you wanted. Or the connections that have suddenly appeared about of nowhere (so grateful for my business besties who I know just have my back) or just that sense you are FINALLY on the right track. 

There is so much noise on social media. You are exactly where you need to be. Celebrate your wins now... don't wait until...

💫 You have 10,000+ followers. It's just a number, it doesn't define you.

💫 You get free stuff through the post. Yes I get sent free stuff through the post sometimes and I feel lucky and grateful for this. BUT it is not my marker of success and WHY I work for myself.

💫 Until you are earning 6 figures. The whole 'I started my own business and I was turning over 6 months in the first 7 and a half hours' drives me a bit potty. Sometimes you simply you want some time and choice back. Or to match what you earned before. You decide.

💫Everything feels perfect. I get a lots of emails saying 'You are so inspiring' which is lovely. Inspiring is a big world and I don't always connect to it and it is not the intention I lead with. Firstly is always to share. To tell you it is ok. To encourage you to keep going. To keep those dreams alive and kicking even though there is so many reasons/practicalities/ excuses to ignore them. To tell you there is ALWAYS a way. There is always something you can do. Don't hide until you deem everything as perfect. It never will be and someone needs to hear it from you.