Horrendous jobs to support your acting career?

Have you worked some horrendous jobs to support your acting career?

The worse by far was working in a Crisp Factory (apparently I had a lucky escape, at least it wasn’t the burger factory...blood around your ankles anyone?!)

This most definitely fitted into the category of ‘character building’ as our parents may say. I had finished my A Levels and a long summer stretched ahead until I went to Drama School, so with limited options in a small town, I headed to the factory of crisps.

It was shift work- 2pm-10pm and the majority of that time was spent clock watching and playing tricks on yourself... “Ok, I am definitely not going to look at the clock for another 45 minutes...aarrrgh 11 minutes... seriously”.

It was mind numbing work; packing boxes, stacking boxes and moving boxes all for £2 something an hour, if I remember correctly. I had one particularly hideous day where I was allocated to work in ‘Potato land’ - I affectionately named it this to stop myself from going quietly insane.

I was partnered with a man who looked like he had been in Potato land for around 140 years. As we watched the conveyer belt present a constant flow of potatoes, it was our job to cut the big ones in half and throw the bad ones. He provided a soundtrack of ‘That’s a biggun’ and ‘That’s a badun’ for the duration of the day which made me want to scream.

There can be another way... you could be your own boss but your own boss on your terms...