How to create your own wellness centre

Phew, life is wild at the moment. The fourth sleepless night on the trot and a teething baby who only wants to sleep for approximately 43 1/2 minutes of the night. Every minute spent holding my face. Every minute his feet pressed into my gurgling, exhausted stomach. Add in work, general life, the need to run a house and make sure everyone is taken care of- the elusive 'me time' has skedaddled. 

We live in a world where ‘busy’ is the new ‘well’ and being busy is applauded. We have an endless to do list that leaps from our heads to various devices and we seldom have a moment to completely switching off.

However it is important to do so and take a holistic picture of our health and wellbeing. When I am in the 'fast lane' of life, I don't have time to slope off for a weekend away or have a day trundling around a shopping centre. However self care is hugely important. 

These are the five checks I always make. Basic, I know but essential. 


How are you feeling? When your alarm goes off in the morning, what is your first thought? What tasks or commitments are taking up your time? What could you delegate? When could you book some time in for you? Take action and grab your diary and schedule that time in.


How’s your diet at the moment? How do you feel when you open your fridge? How much fresh food are you eating? Think back over the last few days and consider what you ate. What choices could you make today that will make a different?


How is exercise fitting into your life at the moment? When was the last time you had a full blown, sweaty workout? How are your muscles feeling- lithe? Agile? Or exhausted?


On a scale of one- ten how would you rate your current stress levels? Which tasks are causing you to procrastinate? What is keeping you awake at night? What could you delegate or stepped down from?


How much sleep are you getting? Not time spent in bed, but high quality, deep sleep? What could tweak to ensure a better sleep? What habits are effecting your sleep? What would your ideal night look like?

How did the health check go? What's missing for you? 

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