Collaborating with Digital Mums

Last year I co hosted two online workshops with Jo for Digital Mums.  Not only are the digital mums a fantastically supportive community but truly practise what they preach. 

They have a huge reach and so many are my ideal customers so it was a pleasure to add value to their platform. 

Hundreds of people (probably thousands now) viewed the workshops and afterwards I gained 3 new clients. 

Errrrm only 3 new clients you could say? Out of hundreds of your ideal clients? That’s not a great conversion rate? 

Ok I hear you, if I wanted to close a big money influx within 24 hours you may see this as a failure but that wasn’t my goal. It wasn't going to be my social media opportunity to say I had made 50 grand CASH in 24 hours :)

My goals were to give freely, passionately share my knowledge, build relationships and providing a sounding board to many of the repeat questions that were popping up (and often not shared because everyone is worried about looking a bit daft). 

Many people were coming to listen, to engage to find out more, to be part of an interactive group chat. They weren't necessarily coming to the checkout to pay. 

So I presented accordingly. I simply shared my details at the end…once I had delivered what I intended. There was nothing about payment or some sleazy sales secret.

However some people were ready to buy. Many weren’t in that instance but came back to me within the week. Then more during the following month and a consistent flow of clients followed from then until now. 


So many of my enquiries start with ‘I’ve been following you for a while…’

A woman came up to me at a speaking event a few weeks ago and said I’ve been watching your videos since 2014 and now I am ready to work with you on an ongoing basis. Another example of how you just need to keep showing up and be the go to person when people are ready. 

Visibility and ‘putting yourself out there’ takes many forms. Often you don’t know what is going to stick but you can control your intention and commitment. 

I know it is scary. Most people would say they wouldn’t put themselves in a position where they would have to lead a workshop. Or give up their time to offer free content. But there will be a way that works for you.