You are actually closer than you think

I love this picture of this little guy but it still makes me a little sad when I think back to that time. I was working all the time for teenage wages (i.e wages that didn't really align with supporting myself in London and living a fairly basic lifestyle), I doubted my decisions and confidence and didn't have enough mental space or energy to explore my creativity. 

I had ALL the questions. Why wasn't I progressing? Why couldn't I figure it out? Why was I was saying 'yes' when everything in me was screaming 'no'. 

Basically I was IN MY HEAD. 

If you are in that place- I am sending you heaps of love and I want you to know you are not alone. I hear you because I have been there. 

I'm not saying life is all green juice and 'lap top lifestyle' but it is deliberately designed by me. I trust my instinct, I am meticulous about weighing up the pros and cons and always have the end in mind.  

If you need a little boost head keeping reading and you will find 5 strategies to help you move into action.

When I work with clients, often their vision is very clear. They know what they would like to achieve.  She or he have been day dreaming about their perfect result and know exactly what it is looks like.

This is great as a coach as you know exactly what you are helping the client to work towards. You can then help them create their road map, break down the process into manageable chunks so they can achieve optimum results.

So how do you move forward? Sometimes before we have begun little doubts and obstacles pop up along the way and stop us immediately. So we end up being frozen in fear and 'what ifs' and not taking any action. We decide to wait for that perfect time but rarely do we have all our ducks lined up.

 Unfortunately there will never be a 'perfect time' in my opinion, because life is constantly evolving and changing. However that does mean we can 'start' at any time.

We may not be able to achieve the vision tomorrow but can start getting closer today. We just have to start planting seeds…some of those may be a little experimental at first…..

Bumps and obstacles along the way are all part of the process and we can choose how react to them. Sometimes the largest obstacles can work out positively. A 'no' or a 'standstill' can make us revaluate and look for the solution. Often, we find a better solution because a block encourages creative thinking.

Here are 5 strategies to help you get moving today:

1.What do you already have?

We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips- everything can be googled. Plus You Tube is a huge help. Have you ever been stuck on operating an technical device- 'you tube it' - there is often a video giving you a step by step guide…..for free!

2. Declutter

Clear your environment. I had a clean up on my computer's desk top and although it was quite dull (!) I felt so much better! I been putting it off for ages because of the dull factor but now I have done it- it feels great. Plus I can find files quickly- woo!

3. Start saying 'no' more

How often are you called to meetings for no apparent reason or asked if you have a 'spare 5 minutes' when they mean 20? Monitor your actions this week and begin to notice who or what takes up your time and energy. A meeting's content could easily be discussed in an email and a 'spare five minute' discussion could be taken at a time that is more suitable for you.

4. How are you spending your time?

We all have more available time that we think, that can be used in different ways. If there is something you need to learn, find a podcast or audio book on it and stick it on in the car on a long journey, (I only do this when alone as not everyone wants to learn about twitter for business!). Monitor how much time you are spending on tasks you don't need to do or you don't enjoy. How many tv programmes do you graze through because you always have done? Or how much time do you spend on Facebook when you could be more productive.

5. Create your mindset for success

Tell yourself you can do it. Tell yourself it is going to work out. As Marie Forleo says 'Everything is figureoutable'.

Creating a mind set that encourages ' What can I do' and 'What are my options' are going to set your brain into 'solution' mode. Once you make the switch, you will stop feeling as stuck and as though there is nothing you can do. Instead you will start to look for answers, be proactive and ultimately get results with you in charge.

A great book to help with this is The Big Leap