Running, Body Image and Growing a business from the inside out | Nicky Raby

M I N I E P I S O D E S I X Is live. It is a bit of a personal one but I wanted to share. 
I talk about running #couchto5k and how it is a mental game not necessarily a leg game. Visibility and how I want to feel in my body after having a very complicated relationship with it in the past. Also how at almost 37 I want to feel the best version of myself and connected with my body... and I mention the 90s ladette word ‘Goer’

What do want people don't want to pay you

'I would love to pick your brains/ go for a drink and chat over things casually/ drain you of all your expertise and not pay you' ... I have been invited to do all of these things. AND I have done all of them. Some felt great. Some felt weird, cheap and a bit like stealing. The thing is when you have your own business, you can choose what you say yes or no to... it's your choice. But what if you don't know how to fly in your conversations and get a result that makes you feel good at the end of it... 

[VIDEO] How to get out of the 'Everyone in my industry does x,y and z' mindset

Today's video is live and it comes very much for a personal place. No matter what your industry, it can be easy to get caught up in the trap of 'this is what you should do to be successful in your industry'

As an actor, I have oodles of accents up my sleeve including the coveted RP but does that mean I want to be all gushy and 'ohhhh amaaaaazing daaaarling' when I don't really mean it - nope. That's not me.

As a coach, I don't talk about my bank balance. I don't take pictures of first class travel. I don't 'break you down to build you back up' that's just not my style. The thing is when I don't do things in a way that feels good, I always catch myself out. It always feels clunky and 'hard work' soooo even though I know many would suggest that have sales funnels that 'catch the sale at every step' , videos where I am stepping off a yacht and photographs where the whole family are branded and in white on a Christmas staircase... I would prefer to channel my inner 17 old who was curious, instinctive, fearless (often drunk!) and asked ALL the questions. I hung out with everyone and never stuck to just one tribe. This gave me insight, perspective, empathy and the glorious 'BIGGER PICTURE' and plenty of stories which make the 36 year old me need a sit down. 

[VIDEO] How to prepare for a scary meeting/pitch/presentation

So many of my clients want to talk about this... moving out of your comfort zone can bring out all the fear... Sooo if you are looking for investment, or want to be like 'Yeah soooo this is my business' or even talk about yourself and what you do without feeling a bit sick...