PODCAST: Episode Seventy Seven with Kristi Edwards, founder of HesperFox

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y S E V E N with Kristi @hesperfox Kristi has done so much in the last few years; grown a wonderful brand alongside raising a small human. We celebrate her accomplishments but also she shares lots of reality behind what it takes and what she has found useful to keep the vibes high and the resilience rockin’ 
I never want to just tell one side of the story- there are many components to creating something from scratch. I found our chat hugely inspiring and there are lots of giggles along the way. 

PODCAST: Episode Seventy Two with Sommer Pyne, House Curious

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y T W O Is Live with lovely Sommer @housecurious

I could easily talk about interiors all day (and we do cover some of this chat) but also we go deeper into turning an idea into a business. Nothing is rarely an overnight success and often there are twists and turns along the way... and some big ol’ lessons. 

Also wanted to flag that we talk about premature births (as I know the topic could potentially be triggering so want to state with my producer head on). It’s such an uplifting chat and I know you will get lots of ‘ok, let’s do this’ from it.

PODCAST: Episode Seventy with Tahira Herold, international make up artist

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y O N E is live with Tahira Herold @beautybytahirauk Such a juicy episode about finding your USP and aligning it with your personal purpose, pitching, confidence, navigating an environment and creating opportunities for yourself. 

PODCAST: Episode Sixty Eight with Kate Greenhalgh

E P I S O D E S I X T Y E I G H T is live Kate from @ayearofdates I love Kate’s story; she has achieved so much in just two years. Sometimes the stories of 10, 15, 25, 50 years can be stifling when you can actually launch and grow a business in a couple of years.

PODCAST: Episode Sixty Six with Coral Atkinson

E P I S O D E S I X T Y S I X is live. 
Today I speak to @coral.atkinson founder of velveteen_babies who runs the most beautiful online store. She hand makes all her products and started the business with just a tenner. It's a great story of inspiration; starting where you are now and then growing the business slowly but surely.