PODCAST: Episode Eighty Five with Sarah Gregory

E P I S O D E E I G H T Y F I V E is live with @srosegregory@makemotherhooddiverse I promise this episode will have you nodding along. I love Sarah’s heart, mission and collaborative nature. She is collating and celebrating so many wonderful, rich, thought provoking conversations. I urge you to check out @abouttimesnews - this edition is edited by @toomuchmotheringinformation

Podcast: 'Online Programmes and Passive Income', Mini Episode Ten | Nicky Raby

Last week I shared an episode all about creating online courses and membership sites... it is one of my most popular questions. Passive Income is something I have learnt to make but it has been a journey (yes that’s right- the J word popped out). Firstly from a technology angle- what to use, how to remain calm and patient, how to figure out payments, sales pages etc etc and then the permission side- is it ok to talk about money? Can I do this without being in the room? What should I charge? What if it all goes wrong? 

PODCAST: Episode Seventy Three with Greta Solomon, Author and Creative Writing Coach

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y T H R E E is live with @greta.solomon who is sharing so much wisdom about creativity, writing, inspiration and actually putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard. Link in bio to ITunes and You Tube as always. My aim is to reach a million plays by Christmas so please share with your pals and also if you have a spare mo leave a review... thank you 

PODCAST: Episode Fifty Nine with Fabienne O'Neill, co founder of Cuckooz Nest

E P I S O D E  F I F T Y  N I N E is live. Brilliant new podcast episode with Fabienne O'Neill co founder of @cuckooznestldn . Charlie and Fabienne are offering co working and a creche on the same site... I love that they are innovating how we work and parent. For two free hours, quote #nickyraby 
Plus they are so close to @hunter.collective so you can call in on the way home. Lacey's episode is ep 24. -

Link in bio as always to ITunes and You Tube. 

PODCAST: Episode Fifty Eight with Pip Jamieson

E P I S O D E  F I F T Y  E I G H T is live with @pip_jamieson_ founder of @the_dots_uk What an exciting episode this was to record, Pip is someone I have read about and observed (in a non creepy way) for a while now. Choosing a creative, unconventional career coming from a 'traditional', 'conventional' background has been challenging to navigate sometimes. Mainly because the ones that are teaching us about careers are traditional and conventional. I'm so glad Pip has built such a wonderful, innovative platform that supports creatives to thrive and be seen in their best light. Enjoy! Link in bio to ITunes (episode is also on YouTube)

PODCAST: Interview with Felicity Jackson, founder of Surviving Actors

I know the 50th episode. I can't believe it either. Really excited to share this one with you with @felicitys_instagram founder of @survivingactors 
In terms of recording I am about 10 episodes ahead. So many great guests to share. I have started to say something a little wild in the intro... my aim is to get to a 1,000,000 plays by the end of the year. We have a little way to go 😉but I believe it is possible with your help. If you are enjoying the interviews, please rate, review, subscribe and share. 
Sending big thanks 😘😘There are so many interviews about the 'sleeping on a friend's sofa' to 'billionaire dollar business' but what about the inbetween bit. Sometimes those interviews make me go 'WOW' but they don't help me practically ie but how do I go to the next level. I genuinely love making this podcast. It fills my heart and soul. Big thanks to my pal @mattyparatty for supporting me and editing all the way.