If you could be 'You' online, what would you do?

Your online presence can be difficult to manoeuvre; what to share, how 'real' to get and ultimately how do you post feeling, being, sounding like you.

Johanna from @raising_women and I were talking about this yesterday in the podcast and it must come down to personal preference. I have been to many social media talks and I know how the uniformed gird situ on Instagram is highly preferable to brands. Although being constantly curated doesn't feel right to me for my work. However I love it when I see the snazzy grids of others.

When I am working I am 'on' and 'put together' but because I work wth lots of mums, I quite often see my clients out and about with less concealer, more static in my hair and a wild toddler who is invariably going up the slide instead of down (me not them!) My course for #introverts will give you a step by step plan to help you develop your personal brand/small business to the next level. Plus there is a cheeky discount until Monday.

All the details. How do you dance the Instagram wiggle?