Be more Bob...

My Dad has oodles of cousins maybe 40+
The majority of the family have nicknames and have stuck.

One cousin (let's call him Bob to protect his identity- even though I don't think I have ever met him) is nicknamed 'BUGGER OFF BOB'

Harsh I know and I think it was coined by his own Mum. 
It all started when 'Bob' decided to dismantled and 'do up' a motorbike in the living room. Now when you are watching telly in the evening you don't necessarily want to crane my head around a vehicle but what if Bob had big dreams? What if Bob was going to be make it as the next big thing. 

In truth I don't know much about Bob but it got me thinking. What dreams or 'I really fancy doing x,y and z' have been piped down by your family or friends. 'Here she goes... another crazy idea' or 'WE are not the kind of people who do that' 

When you are moving forward, feel free to turn down the volume because when you step out of the comfort zone sometimes the additional judgement noise can be stifling and distracting.