I refuse to live for bank holidays

When I was 18, I worked in a crisp factory before I moved to London. Nothing like an 8 hour shift of continuous packing of boxes to make you dream big and consider your life choices. (FYI I did most definitely smell after my shift... in fact who ever picked me up could guess the flavour 😷)

One observation I made was the excitement and general giddiness that was brewing... yes, at the end of August... a bank holiday would occur! Wooooo!

I promised myself then that I wouldn't only have bank holidays to look forward to.

I would try and cultivate my own career where I would have flexibility and a real love for what I love ... no Monday blues and just living for the weekend. I haven't always got it right... it is always a work in progress.

Sometimes the bank holiday buggers catch me out... 'Oh wait, it is closed...' P.S I didn't eat crisps for five years after my factory fun...