10 ways to get back in the game as an actor

Being a successful, working actor is about being strategic.

Sometimes as actors we can be vague and passive…we wait for the phone to ring, we hope something will happen. 

I want you to get started now. 

I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT. To put your intention out there and follow through. 

e.g If it is TV work you want to do, what do you need to do? 

Here are ten questions to help you gather your plan.

1) What would be your ideal job? What is the area you want to work in? 

2) Where are you now? What does your CV/headshot/showcase say about you? 

3) What is missing? What do you need to do to take you closer? 

4) What daily actions could you put in place? 

5) What do you say to yourself that is not helpful. 

6) What rituals or habits are keeping you stuck? 

7) What task would bring you tremendous results?

8) Who is doing what you want to be doing? 

9) How can you increase your motivation? 

10) How would it feel if you achieved everything you wanted to this year? 

Complete the questions and take time to get specific about what you want.