What are you available/unavailable for in 2019

I know so many of us have our vision boards and wish lists in place. I am a huge fan of goal setting and getting really intentional about what I want to create in the coming year. However this doesn’t just happen by writing it down on fancy stationary. 

Firstly there is the vision work. I like to get to the nitty gritty of the goal. What does it look like at its core? What does that goal/hope/dream mean to me? How will I know when I have got there? 

Secondly, the strategy… how am I going to get from where I am now to where I want to be. What are the steps I need to take? What do I need to learn? Where do I need help? How can I keep myself accountable and on track? 

Thirdly…the mindset. This is such an important and underrated piece of the puzzle. Working on your mindset, your confidence, your self belief are crucial muscles that need to be worked. As grown adults we have so many stories and beliefs that are buried deep within us. On the surface, we can continually ‘think more positive’ or ‘be open’ however if our subconscious underneath has a noisy rabble of ‘It will probably never work’ or ‘Who am I to do this?’ or ‘I don't ever manage to stick to things’ there is going to be resistance. 

One way you can align your mindset and strategy is to write your availability and unavailability lists. This may take some work. Some of the points you make may seem a little out of reach. That is ok. The first step is always awareness. 

Here are some of mine…

I am available to serve my ideal clients. To offer a fantastic service. To be a champion, support, encourager and be kind always. 

I am available to create time for my creativity. To give myself headspace, time and energy to creating projects I am very proud of. 

I am available to create collaborations, to support other people, to do good in the world, to stand in my power. 

I am unavailable for bitchy nonsense. ‘Oh my god, did you hear???’ 

I am unavailable for sharing too soon. Sometimes when you have a portfolio career, it can be intriguing to others. On one hand there are some personal questions and secondly some eye rolls of ‘Sooo how are you going to do that then” or ‘People really pay for that??’ or ‘I thought internet stuff was all a bit scammy’ I never want to leak my hopes and dreams too soon. I only want to share where I will be heard and not judged in the first instance. 

I am unavailable for funky business. ‘Can you do x,y,z…so sorry but there isn’t a budget’. You know the drill, pals. Huge expectations of your time and efforts all for ‘exposure’. Or someone wanting to pick your brains for free but not being ready for your time. They are not ready to pay, to say please/thank you, to take action to do the work. Or the standard, copied and pasted message ‘Tell me your biggest goal this year, let’s connect’… ‘Na Mate’. 

In order to make space for the exciting plans for this year, I have to combine all three principles and I encourage you to do the same. Start small. Be specific. Be bold.