Here’s a sentence I never thought I would say …’I am looking forward to being an astrophysicist for 3 days next week’

I am chuckling as I write this. Plus I keep having to spell check it :) 

Yep, it’s true… next week I have an acting job and I am playing an astrophysicist for three days. 

The reason I find it so amusing is because I was soooo rubbish at science. 

I was in the top set for everything but in science I was definitely at the bottom of the class, perching awkwardly on a lab stool (I was a real shorty at school (and still am) so getting up and getting comfy was an experiment in itself) spending most of the class thinking ‘ehhhh?!’

As I do lots of things; actor, coach, writer, speaker and mama, my days are varied. Due to the creative nature of my work, I never know what is going to pop up in my inbox and I find this so exciting. 

When the audition came in last week, I could have easily convinced myself it wasn’t for me/ it wasn’t worth my time/ I was hopeless at science at school so I wouldn’t stand a chance… 

But instead I smiled and thought ‘That would be fun’. I took that attitude into the casting room. The casting went brilliantly, the team were lovely and encouraging and the actors I cast with were great to work with. 

Often during my client sessions the vision is clear. The clients knows the vision. But often it is the pesky limiting beliefs that get in the way

The limiting beliefs that pop up every time‘I am too young / old / fat / thin / inexperienced / uncool / busy / tired / unqualified / shy

Sound familiar? 

FYI we all have our version of these and many of mine are still a work in progress…although I am pleased to say I have banished many of them because frankly they just get in my way. 

Another observation is that these limiting beliefs are OLD. I figured out the last time I was in a science class was May 1998. Almost 20 years ago. I have done a lot of living since then- who I was then is not a reflection of who I am now!

So my question for you is what limiting beliefs are getting in your way? Where are you playing small? Where are you doubting yourself? 

Don’t worry in my sessions, I give you practical tools to move past these so you actually do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. 

I love what I do and I love how quickly changes can be made. 

I will of course share more pictures and footage as and when I can.