Will you ever work again as an actor?

When the acting work is slow, many actors can find themselves balancing finances or spending hours in a job they hate. Not only does this effect morale, thoughts of ‘Will I ever work again?’ may start to creep in. Becoming unhappy on a day to day basis may be a slippery slope to effecting all areas of your life.

So what can you do? 

Here are five strategies to help you:

1) Make sure everything is up to date. 

Sometimes auditions slow down because your portfolio needs some work. Check your headshots, CV and showreel and make sure they are reflective of the ‘current you’. If they are not or if changes need to be made- schedule the time to make it happen. Give yourself a time frame and a check list and get the tasks done.

2) Check in with what is happening now.

Perhaps you are working too much- working hard  but not smartly. Or perhaps you haven’t had much time to dedicate to your acting career? Or perhaps other areas of your life have taken your focus?

Take some time to notice what has been going on. Don’t beat yourself up if things have been quiet, make a decision to recalibrate and make a plan to move forward.

3) Consider who you are spending your time with. 

Negative people and toxic conversations that consist of whinging are not helpful. They will only make you feel worse. Book in some time with people who make you feel good and who are solution orientated. Or alternatively book a workshop or seminar that is going to make you very inspired and uplifted. 

4) Make time for stuff that makes you feel good. 

Keep a close eye on your lifestyle- are you eating well and getting plenty of sleep? Are you carrying any stress or anxiety? Are you make time for stuff that you love?

Analysing our work/life balance is not only essential to our well being but it keeps our mindset and attitude in peak condition. When we are unhappy in life, we may find we are less successful in auditions. 

5) Do something every day to move you forward.

Many of my clients talk about a perfect time- when they have enough time, money or when it feels right. Start now. Introduce good habits and routine and make them the basis for your day. Invest in a notebook or create a spreadsheet and track your results so you can acknowledge how far you have come.