PODCAST: Episode Seventy with Adrienne Herbert

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y is now live with @adrienne_ldn@wearegettoknow I love her lust and exuberance for life and she has been such an inspiration as I have eased myself back into exercise. We talk about carving out a new career, finding people who know more than you who can help you go to the next level/get paid/negotiate and the power of the power hour. It’s a great one. Links in bio as always to ITunes and You Tube. Oh and by the way, how did we get to episode seventy?! It’s all very exciting and I love making them. 

PODCAST: How to keep your inner Veruca Salt in check

The pressure, man! The unwritten rules of how you should feel or what you 'should' have achieved at a certain age. 
There are so many conversations around who is doing what; at what speed, in what way and we are seeing so much of it play out online. Don't forget though, we are not seeing all of it!

I know you want it now. Just like Veruca. Plus throw in a golden goose whilst you are at it. Sometimes the striving outwards, stops the celebrations now...what you are creating now. How far you've come. 
You've got plenty of time. It's all good.

PODCAST: Mini Episode Four 'How to create and manage multiple income streams'

This topic always welcomes lots of conversation. Whenever I share my own experience, there are always lots of questions. I am equally interested in how other people manoeuvre this freelance jive too.

Podcast: Episode Fifty Three with Tamu Thomas, founder of Live Three Sixty

Today I talk to Tamu Thomas, founder of @livethreesixty. It is the longest episode I have record so far and we spoke for a few more hours afterwards. To be honest I could have chatted for another fortnight! We talk about business in this one not only how to do the 'business' stuff but also how growth in one area of your life can make all kinds of magical and unexpected shifts in other areas.

Tamu was an amazing host at the @makemotherhooddiverse event and held space for the most enriching and necessary conversation. 
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PODCAST: Interview with Felicity Jackson, founder of Surviving Actors

I know the 50th episode. I can't believe it either. Really excited to share this one with you with @felicitys_instagram founder of @survivingactors 
In terms of recording I am about 10 episodes ahead. So many great guests to share. I have started to say something a little wild in the intro... my aim is to get to a 1,000,000 plays by the end of the year. We have a little way to go 😉but I believe it is possible with your help. If you are enjoying the interviews, please rate, review, subscribe and share. 
Sending big thanks 😘😘There are so many interviews about the 'sleeping on a friend's sofa' to 'billionaire dollar business' but what about the inbetween bit. Sometimes those interviews make me go 'WOW' but they don't help me practically ie but how do I go to the next level. I genuinely love making this podcast. It fills my heart and soul. Big thanks to my pal @mattyparatty for supporting me and editing all the way. 

Podcast: Episode Forty Two with Salma Shah

E P I S O D E F O R T Y T W O is live with @thesalmashah in today's episode we talk about creating version of success and how you can identify what that is in a practical way. Look forward to hearing your thoughts as always...