PODCAST: Episode Sixty Eight with Kate Greenhalgh

E P I S O D E S I X T Y E I G H T is live Kate from @ayearofdates I love Kate’s story; she has achieved so much in just two years. Sometimes the stories of 10, 15, 25, 50 years can be stifling when you can actually launch and grow a business in a couple of years.

How to create passive income on your terms

If you know me, you'll know I like to do things my own way. You can read my story here

I am a geek/rebel in equal measure.

I love learning but then adding my own twist.

Since 2014 I have created consistent passive income through my book, audios and online course sales.

This has not only increased my client base but also my bank balance.

Since becoming a mum in 2015, I knew I had to think creatively about how I was going to grow my business; despite becoming super ambitious, I had less time (and sleep!) than ever before. 


  • More time: I am a mum to Oscar who is 21 months and partner to Matt of ten years. I adore them both and like to spend time with them. I don't cash in every hour for an hourly wage so I am always relatively close to home. I worked on an hourly rate for years; it wasn't enough. I undersold myself and I didn't have flexibility (a) to nurture my creative projects (b) I had to check in with a boss (when I like to be my own boss) (c) it didn't give me the option to grow. I was limited to the hours in the week. 

  • More love: These days I only do the work/collaborations/project that I love. I have a portfolio career; actor, coach, writer, speaker. Until my son goes to nursery, my working hours can be limited to the evenings/early mornings and nap times so passive income allows me to earn even though other 'shops' are shut. P.S I am lucky to have a supportive partner and family near by also who are amazing :)

  • A lower cost offering: My 1:1 coaching sessions are my premium offering but it is so important to me that I serve my whole audience/community. Creating products/online services for my clients allows me to share my expertise and provide value at a lower price- win/win. Plus I dislike that the wellness industry can sometimes be only marketed to those who have huge disposable incomes. I am aware that small businesses/start ups/freelancers sometimes need the most support but have limited budgets.

  • More money: There is only a limited number of clients that I can work with in a month and I enjoy having many income streams so making passive income is perfect for me. The 'ping' of the email notifying you have made a sale never gets old (and I am grateful for each and every one) and I even sold two books when I was in labour. Thankfully I have great systems in place as obviously wasn't able to reply personally... :) 

  • Self study: So many of my clients love self study. It suits their lifestyle, budget and circumstances. Every product I produce takes the customer through each process in detail. I have invested thousands in online training and my own self development and so much I have completed from my sofa. With a young son and a desire to grow my family, I am unable to jet off to Bali to 'find myself' at this time (although the flight would be worth it for the sleeps!) so I need support that supports my needs and lifestyle.

  • Increased creativity and more time doing what I love: I love being proactive and in charge of my own destiny. I don't like waiting for the phone to ring. So this way I can remain in control of my time, money and lifestyle. 

Interview with caring sleep consultant Kerry Secker

I first came across Kerry on Instagram. I loved her approach; a caring solution to sleep for babies.

Our baba hasn't been one of those 7am-7pm but has certainly improved. Seeing Kerry's sound advice and reassurance was wonderful.

There is so much noise when you have baby and I have been offered countless 'friendly' advice that has often been delivered in a 'Er, I think you are doing it wrong'.

I loved chatting to Kerry and hearing about how she set up her business. 

  • Her transition from working full time to working flexibly to suit her lifestyle

  • Utilising her existing skills to build a business based on what she was already doing

  • How she stepped into her niche and grew her own USP

So many inspiring and insightful nuggets which will be super useful for those who are perhaps thinking about starting their own business.

Big thanks to Kerry. You can find out more about her caring sleep packages here

My video for Selfish Mother

I am thrilled to share my video that I devised for the Selfish Mother You Tube channel. I share my five tips on how to find the new you after becoming a parent. I discuss self care, setting boundaries and ignoring the washing up where necessary! :)