PODCAST: Episode Seventy Six with Catherine Blyth

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y S I X is live with author @thatcatherineblyth We are talking all about time. So many of us struggle with not having enough and how it is always squeezed. Catherine shares lots from her brilliant book ‘Enjoy Time’ and provides plenty of tips and ways we can reframe the daily struggle of getting all the things done.

PODCAST: Episode Seventy Three with Greta Solomon, Author and Creative Writing Coach

E P I S O D E S E V E N T Y T H R E E is live with @greta.solomon who is sharing so much wisdom about creativity, writing, inspiration and actually putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard. Link in bio to ITunes and You Tube as always. My aim is to reach a million plays by Christmas so please share with your pals and also if you have a spare mo leave a review... thank you 

PODCAST : Episode Twenty Three with Anya Hayes

E P I S O D E T W E N T Y T H R E E is live with Anya from @mothers.wellness.toolkit if you have been on Instagram for a while, I'm sure you will have felt, read, heard Anya's calming presence and reassuring words. Matty has been working all week and I've launched a group programme and been solo parenting and also succumbed to the pressure of 'Let's make this week eggscellent!' Safe to say, I am absolutely pooped and will be asleep by 9pm. This episode seems to be perfect timing for me. Anya shares her career story and so many nuggets of wisdom you can almost hear the lightbulb switching on in my head! 💡💡

PODCAST: Episode Twenty // Jessica Killingley

Today I am talking about books with @jessicakillingley I wrote a book in 2014 and as I mention in the podcast, I am still riding on the smugness, it felt such an achievement. I know I have more books in me and will be finding windows in my schedule over the next few years to make it happen. I wrote my first book in six months and it was intense! Next time I will definitely be getting support (if you will have me Jessica?!) 

I am a huge book worm and despite living in such a digital age, I still LOVE books...my favourites are never far away. Would love to know your thoughts as always...and if you know any business owners who have a book in them but are not sure how to proceed, please share the episode with them. 

PODCAST: Episode Eighteen // Niyc Pidgeon

E P I S O D E  E I G H T E E N is here.

In today's episode I speak with @niycpidge I first came across Niyc when she was interviewed by another Wonder Woman Emily @iheartmylifenow I could hear a Northern vowel (you know I can suss them out a mile off 😉) and it intrigued me. At my school, it wasn't cool to be clever, ambitious or different. 'Coolness' was being the same, wearing the same jacket, circling around the same five boys (who to be honest looking back were fairly dubious in their looks and personality) and playing it safe. I was fascinated to hear how Niyc had defied expectations and has grown a successful business online. I loved chatting to Niyc and I'm sure you will finish the episode believing anything is possible, just like I did.

Podcast: Episode Fifteen // Esther Coren

E P I S O D E F I F T E E N is live...

A few weeks ago @esthermcorenshared an Instagram story about money; how to lead the conversation and how to negotiate when the industry 'guidelines' are rather sketchy. I thought this would be a perfect topic for the podcast because I know so many of my clients stumble on what to charge, how to ask for more and how to move out of the traditional 'per hour' structure. She shares her route into journalism and how changing direction is natural and no bad thing. Also the power of THE INSTAGRAM and how you can make it work for your business.

Finally why it is so important to have a creative portfolio- a blog/podcast/videos so you can show yourself at your best, rather than always waiting for someone else to give you permission to go ahead. Would love to know your thoughts.