Our favourites: 6-12 months

We are approaching the end of the first year as parents. Wow, I can’t freakin’ believe it. Time is a funny old monkey.

The first month or two chugged by but after twelve weeks, the weeks and months galloped on and we are about to high five, the all important twelve month mark. 

I wrote about our newborn essentials, (read here) so I thought I would add a six-twelve month update. I’m afraid to say the stuff just increases. I have turned into an obnoxious nightclub security member who has a strict one in one out policy. Otherwise I feel I may turn into a plastic, multicoloured, sing song toy.

Firstly I just wanted to say; the second six months have been waaaay easier. Everyone tried to scare me with ‘Just to wait until he is moving’. I did and he started on July 4th… Independence day, no less. Since moving, life is simpler. He wanted less milk. He is more content just hanging around and exploring on his terms and I can cook a meal without jigging a baby chops on my now weak shoulder.

So whatever threats comes your way, ignore them as they are based on experience and perception. Neither of which are yours. Plus if the scare mongering turns out to be true you can quickly fall back on ‘This too shall pass’ because it will; the good and the bad. 

So here are the favourites from our household:


The monkey

A lovely gift from my cousin; baby chops adores this guy. I introduced him when I was feeding him and he sleeps with him every night. Now when he is tired he goes into his room to get him. Too cute. The relief on his face when he sees him. It’s too much and melts my heart in a hormonal, motherly way. Find out more here Also in the picture; the sleepyhead, sheepskin and sleeping bag

High chair

So the food began. Turns out our kid is a 3 meals a day and two substantial snacks kinda guy. Some of the high chairs on the market are crazy expensive and I’m not why- perhaps because they are more pleasing on the eye; the design elements are just so. We knew it was going to get covered in ALL the food and this one did the job. Find out more here

Toy box

The toys, the plastic, the madness. Another trip to Ikea was made and this toy box was picked up. What a joy it is to put all the toys away at the end of the day. 

Toy box

Activity centre

This has been great; lots of activities and most importantly contains him when I need to get something done e.g bring something up the stairs. He has figured out how to rotate the seat 360 degrees and it thrills him and amuses me as he pulls a ‘waltzer’ face. Find out more here


He is no longer laying down; he now sits, watches, waves and I think ‘judges’. Ha. We have the seat facing us so we can talk to him and then lay it flat when he kips. Easy to manoeuvre, fold, lift and we have been really chuffed with it. Find out more here


As a pale and interesting person, I am slightly paranoid about the sun, Well for him. I managed to burn my right arm in the park- doh! This was useful in the summer if we were having a picnic and he was sleeping; I knew he was protected. Find out more here


These come everywhere with us and he and every other child I have ever met love these. 

Poundland ball

Best quid we ever did spend. 

Bowls, spoons

You can get all kinds of fancy bowls; these Ikea ones have done the job. Plus some have ended up in the bathroom for hair washing! Find out more here

Kitchen food processor

Once he started eating, I started properly cooking again. Everyone was relieved, especially my man pal. This is used every day for blitzing. Plus I have even knocked up a soup or two. I know, just call me Nigella? Plus this one is waaaay cheaper than most on the market. Find out more here

First foods

This was a brilliant guide to follow when he began weaning. We did a mix of spoon/baby led and loved using this for ideas, especially when it came to him having chunkier food. Find out more


Make up

I hit the MAC counter, new items of make up purchased. This foundation and concealer are cracking for covering up dark circles and adding a zing to a tired face. 

Face stuff

Oh my skin needed hydrating like never before!! This from Soap and Glory is ace. Find out more here.

I also like this: 

Bath time

A lairy baby at bath time needed some parameters. Well my tired arms do. This seat is great for washing followed by these help cushion the exploring. 

Clothes and lots of them

We seem to go through oodles and this kiddo grows by the moment. Our favourites have been from favourites M&S, John Lewis and Next. Body suits in multi packs keep the costs down, like these from Marks and Spencer. Plus we love these reversible trousers from Boden.

Finally books. He has really got into them. Not saying he is a complete genius by any means, all children love books. But he could be...ha!

Some of our favourites are:

That's not my penguin

Dear Zoo

Noisy farm