Sometimes you just need 5 minutes...

To breathe. 
To think. 
To consider. 

Motherhood is wonderful but it can be all consuming especially in the early days.

Everything is unpredictable and the ability to PIVOT (said in a Ross from Friends way) is essential. 

This is one of the many selfies taken in the early days; random feeds on staircases, park benches and coffee shops. 

My workshop with @ruthkudzicoach is on 4th May 2017 at the beautiful venue House of St Barnabus is not far away. There are a few tickets left. Purchase here

Here we will be taking care of you; creating a space where you can get clear on what you want without having to multi task.

We will be sharing our tools so you can work smarter not just hard ALL THE TIME. 

Plus helping you to make a plan of action so stuff gets done and you can create your version of success. 
Book here (and select one of the last early bird tickets)