My first workshop at Century Club

Wooo! First workshop at Century today. Huge thanks to @digitalbonbons@drcaz_leadershipofmums and @toomuchmotheringinformation for being there and helping to create such a lovely, genuine and supportive space.

Some BIG and exciting plans were said around this table today plus so much great chat about money, women in business, creating success on our own terms and the importance of providing a sounding board and support squad to elevate others.

A few things I learnt; a small group is lovely. It can be nerve wracking to go to a lovely venue to talk about your dreams. We need more time. There is so much to say. The workshops will now be 3 hours.

The food and drink is goood!

Finally there is a real power in saying stuff out loud; in showing up, in making the commitment to yourself that now is the time and being willing to go for it despite being busy/tired/overwhelmed... find out more about my events here