Imposter Syndrome Part Two in collaboration with Digital Mums

Another hugely interesting discussion on the @digitalmums pink sofa last night. 

Over the weekend Oscar and I went to visit my Dad. This photo was taken on Porthdafarch beach and perfectly sums up my 4 or 5 year old self... *Let's wang this bucket around my head and see what happens... it will be ok as long as I commit* I would have done this quietly first in the safe environment of my Grandparents and Mum, Dad and brother.

Even though I was into drama, I was never the loudest or the proudest. I was never the kid who would immediately knee skid to the party rings in a shell suit to the soundtrack of 'The Superman Song' by Black Lace... I would always take my time, access the situation and then do all of the things. Who doesn't love a party ring? I now see our son taking this approach.

I know one of my stories that holds me back is 'Don't be a show off' which is kind of tricky when you have your own business and you kind of need to tell people about it in order to get paid. So I have found a way to do it in a way that feels really good to me. However I know it is a story that always pops up to say hello. Thanks so much #digitalmumsfor having me... I always end up talking about the stuff I need to learn too.