The 2014 decision that changed everything

In 2014 I made a decision.

I left my 9-5pm regular, consistent job and went solo.


No clue, no plan, no idea but I KNEW IT WAS RIGHT.

It was time for me to stop playing small and start showing up for my big dreams again.

I was rewarded. 

Two days later I got an acting job. It was November. It was the first job I had had in 18 months. A lovely nudge that I was doing the right thing.

I then secured a great freelancing contract.

I changed my daily rate to my hourly rate...yep bold moves.

But I had my negotiating pants on because I knew it was time to step up. 

A month later I became pregnant. The first 6 weeks were blissful and then I sat on my bathroom floor on and off for 21 hours of a 24 hour day. 

I ate a lot of beige food. I stuffed kettle chips into my mouth on public transport to stop me violently hurling. 
At 14 weeks we went to the Body Holiday in St Lucia. The sickness stopped and I ate everything. 

I got daily beauty treatments and strolled between day bed and day bed and read a lot of books. 
I did aqua aerobics and yoga and felt amazing.

Matty doing aqua aerobics still makes me laugh. He thought it would be easy so over exerted himself in the warm up :) This all didn't happen by accident.

I went all in.

I decided. Technically it didn't make sense... leaving a job, go solo and having a baby. But honestly it was the best thing I did because it made me step up.

I got another acting job last week. My 3rd in 4 months. Again. I decided.

I filmed on Monday. Obviously I love being an actor for the day but I also love a peaceful lunch. :) Whatever you do don't wait until everything is perfect until you move forward.

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Podcast: Episode Fifteen // Esther Coren

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