PODCAST: Episode Twenty Six with Christabel Saul

In today's episode I talk to Christabel who is half Danish half Australian moved to the UK 10 years ago to develop her love for theatre, film and fashion work. Formerly a costume &set designer, textiles artist, stylist and DIY lover, Christabel now lives in Somerset with her husband and three children.

Christabel launched The Mother Maker in 2017 , to celebrate and support mums in the creative industries. With the launch of their online marketplace in November of last year, she now spends her time curating the website, by hand selecting independent mum run brands and products that she loves. With everything from art & prints, stationery, books, beauty & skincare products, fashion & accessories, children’s clothing, homewares and lifestyle items, Christabel is on a mission to get society to change their buying habits and to not only  recognise the work of  these small emerging brands but to continue to campaign for more people to shop independently. She believes that by shopping independently and especially from mothers we can support parents on this muddy journey between finding a work /life balance and their commitment to working flexibly around the needs of their family. She believes that by supporting working mothers in society, and allowing them the chance to contribute financially to their family we can give them that life fulfilment outside of the home that makes them better parents and that this can only have a positive effect on our society and economy.  Alongside the online marketplace, Christabel and her team of mother makers produce markets, workshops and exhibitions to further promote the work of these independent brand and designer makers.  When she’s not working away on her laptop or hosting playdates and after school clubs for the kids (two things that take up most of her time) you can catch her in her studio making things, doing DIY projects around their new home or researching artists for her upcoming exhibition ‘Make Love Not War’ which will be curated and produced by The Mother Maker later this year. 

Podcast: Episode Twenty Five // Emily Brooks

E P I S O D E  T W E N T Y  FIVE is live with @emilybrooksuk I listened back to this episode the other day and it really is thought provoking. We talk about finding you again... remembering what you love, what makes you tick and how you feel like you.

As grown ups we can easily loose ourselves in life admin, kids, a career that maybe feels outdated. Out of that reflection came a new project... (see the multicoloured beauties on Emily's Instagram) She only launched a year ago and already has an impressive list of stockists including the one and only @libertylondon She is such a support and cheerleader online and in real life of other women and shares so many brilliant nuggets. Look forward to your thoughts as always!

PODCAST: Episode Twenty Four / Lacey Hunter- Felton

Today's episode is with @laceyhunterfelton co founder of @hunter.collective 

I met her at the @mamatribeuk 1st birthday party and as soon as I heard her speak I knew I had to interview her.

We talk about investment, sharing your idea and launching (that coupled with having a tiny baby) The thing that shines through is her determination to shake up an industry; to make it work for her and other creatives. I know you are going to love this one... I look forward to your thoughts

Interviewed on Digital Bon Bons' podcast

What an honour this was. Not only is Maxine wonderful at what she does, she is also so lovely. Maxine wanted to talk about the power of no...one of my favourite topics.

In the beginning of the business, it can be so tempting to say yes. To be open to opportunities. To over deliver and to undercharge. I would love you to hop over to the podcast and have a little listen...

How to delegate like a pro so you can free up more time for you

Overwhelmed, overworked and over tired? Sound familiar? Welcome to the majority. I have been there. Around 5 years ago, I was doing everything. I was a pleaser. I was always there. I said yes, even if I was struggling to have the space/energy/time/money to make it work. However, not anymore. Some may brand this as a selfish move- putting one's self before others, but there is a happy medium. As the flight attendants always say, you must put on your own life jacket before helping someone else and I know when I am exhausted, frazzled and drained, I'm no help to anyone. 

In answer to the above question ‘Is delegation wrong?’ ….No!! It is absolutely essential. 

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PODCAST : Episode Twenty Three // Anya Hayes

E P I S O D E T W E N T Y T H R E E is live with Anya from @mothers.wellness.toolkit if you have been on Instagram for a while, I'm sure you will have felt, read, heard Anya's calming presence and reassuring words. Matty has been working all week and I've launched a group programme and been solo parenting and also succumbed to the pressure of 'Let's make this week eggscellent!' Safe to say, I am absolutely pooped and will be asleep by 9pm. This episode seems to be perfect timing for me. Anya shares her career story and so many nuggets of wisdom you can almost hear the lightbulb switching on in my head! 💡💡

PODCAST: Episode Twenty Two // Christina Pickworth

E P I S O D E T W E N T Y T W O is live with Christina from @thismamadoes 

I love seeing her cards online and in my house as they always make me smile through the sleep deprivation. We talk honestly about being self employed, starting a business and being creative. Look forward to your thoughts as always...





Podcast: Episode Twenty One // Monica Kade

In today's episode, I interview Monica Kade. I loved chatting with Monica. She shares lots of amazing tips and learnings from her entrepreneurial journey. You won't find typical business chat in here... there is much more of a focus how you can create your version of business. Look forward to your thoughts as always...

Monica Kade is highly sought after for her work with entrepreneurs, which helps them to find clarity, fine-tune and express their personal business message. She has a rare ability to connect her clients to the space within them, so they realise the solution to their question. She has 12+ years in communications and publishing. Through her work, she supports people to express themselves and be better communicators professionally and personally. Her offerings include masterclasses, one-on-one sessions, and copywriting.

Monica's book recommendations: 

The Power of Now 

Money, a Love Story




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I cut my hair because I thought it would make me more professional (WHAAAT?!)

Oh hello down there...I can just about see you from my high and mighty life coach throne. I am slightly wincing because my tights are ever so small and the static of the tights vs the leather chair are causing all kinds of mischief. 

As you can see I am clasping my hands pretty tightly...so much so that you can't see any of my natural warmth that usually pings out of my sparkly (I'm often told) eyes. 

This was my first 'life coach' shoot. We rearranged the living room and I got my hair cut way too short in a panic as I thought it would make me look more professional (?!) and therefore better at coaching. Yes... logical thinking?!

I've never put this photo online before...mainly because it doesn't look nor feel like me. Swipe left to see the one I used until the point where I could no longer pretend that my eye bags hadn't changed somewhat in the last five years! :)

One of the biggest lessons I've learnt is that you can't sell/promote/share something that doesn't feel good to you and I'm a bloody trained actor... TRUE STORY!

Whatever is on your to do list at the moment, please check in with how you feel about it. I'm not talking about not doing it because it scares you but the stuff you feel you OUGHT to do because everyone else in your industry is doing it. 

Ignore and go back to basics and start from you. 

PODCAST: Episode Twenty // Jessica Killingley

Today I am talking about books with @jessicakillingley I wrote a book in 2014 and as I mention in the podcast, I am still riding on the smugness, it felt such an achievement. I know I have more books in me and will be finding windows in my schedule over the next few years to make it happen. I wrote my first book in six months and it was intense! Next time I will definitely be getting support (if you will have me Jessica?!) 

I am a huge book worm and despite living in such a digital age, I still LOVE books...my favourites are never far away. Would love to know your thoughts as always...and if you know any business owners who have a book in them but are not sure how to proceed, please share the episode with them. 

The face of someone who 'went for it' in her comedy dance audition.

The face of someone who 'went for it' in her comedy dance audition.

Lessons of today.

1) I can be daft on demand

2) When you have a room full of people who want you to make a fool out of yourself, you have to leave your inhibitions at the door

3) My whistles jumper, studio lighting and cardiovascular activity do not mix

4) My hula hooping needs work

5) I need to do a bra shop

6) I kind of need a wine

7) Fortunately I have been drunk on many occasions so could channel all those times to make all of the above much easier! #anactorslife#dancelikenooneswatching #naptime

What being a business and life coach means to me...

Indeed I am. Because I always work on the basis that the two need to work together right? When my son was about six months old I wanted some support with my business strategy. I had a discovery call and there was so much great value until it came to putting together an action plan. The suggestion was that I got up before my son which at the time was 5am... therefore I could get up around 4am to get on top on things. Frankly at that time, I didn't want to get on top of anything, I wanted to get under my duvet... close my eyes and get some much needed sleep. It wasn't that I didn't want to reach my goals, or that I was lazy or flaky, I needed to be realistic about what I could achieve... and let's face it, it was still such early days. I love the coaching industry but I do find some parts a bit pukey.... just do these two things and you will have a seven figure business by next Tuesday. Or a positive mindset can change everything. It can always make things better but your 'mindset' may be needed elsewhere (perhaps a screaming, non sleeping baby). I truly believe you can achieve whatever you set you mind to but please know what that is and work on a schedule that suits you.

PS I didn't work with the coach and stayed asleep.