You don't have to own a drone, do a salacious 'kiss 'n' tell in the side bar of shame or an interview with Piers Morgan...

I want to talk about visibility today aka putting yourself out there so people know who you are and what your business is. 

I know many coaches show this version of ‘visible’…Hello, I'm fabulous, I show you my travels, my designer hand bag and how many shoes I have. (My mum wisely once said 'But isn't that just bragging?!') She is a wise woman. 

However this isn’t my reality of ‘success’. I am a working Mum raising a young family. I am not travelling every week. I am not hanging around Bond Street and I frequently working in some suspicious loungewear and a Mum bun.

Showing how you can help people and sharing your message and your brand has to be about you. I can spot copy cats a mile off.

For me things have to feel good. If it feels good, I am more likely to share.

When we work out what works for us; our personality, our goals, our circumstances everything feels so much easier and we see results; increased brand awareness, more clients/customers, exciting opportunities and a happy bank balance.

When we start our businesses…we know what we are good at. It usually begins with a skill, a talent or an experience to share. Very quickly it becomes apparent that there are many more pieces to running your own gig; some of which may not be in your natural comfort zone.

I recently read the results of survey detailing where people struggle in their business.

1) Getting consistent clients/customers

2) Selling/pitching/promoting to get the above.

I know both of those tasks can seem enormous. Especially if you have no idea where to start.

In the beginning of my coaching business, I used to listen to endless You Tube videos/podcasts/webinars and feel all inspired. However I didn’t implement.

Firstly because it often felt scary and I regularly convinced myself I wasn’t ready and secondly because it all felt very overwhelming.

If my business/brand had been a physical shop, the analogy I would use would be that I spent a lots of time rearranging the shelves, dusting them, attending to them and enjoying the view without actually opening the door/shouting about my business so my customers could actually find me and BUY from me.

BECAUSE you kind of need people to buy so you have a BUSINESS. I know that sounds obvious but I needed to hear this myself.

Selling / Putting yourself out there / Saying you are available to do a fantastic job can be scary.

For most of us this completely contradicts what we were taught or learnt in school.

Here are a few attributes that were celebrated in my school:

  • Blending in…be like everyone else. Follow the crowd. Wear an identical Kappa jacket. Don’t be an individual.

  • Don’t get above your station. Don’t dream big. Don’t question (do not pass go and collect £200!) simply concur with the current situation.

  • Don’t blow your own trumpet, don’t share that you are good at something or do an excellent job. Put your hand down. Do not show off.

My goodness these beliefs stayed with me for years and sometimes still pop up to say hello. However I have found a way to move forward anyway.

On being asked to talk about our businesses, our default settings can be ‘NOOOO, please don’t make me’ ‘I’m not good at that’ or ‘I hate public speaking!’ or the general fear that people will think you are a twerp. 

Linked in nonsense aka How note to do business

Does anyone else receive about 200 of these day? For me, it is networking nonsense and makes me immediately want to delete.

Here’s why:

1) It is so obviously copied and pasted- this dude is playing a numbers game

2) The phrase ‘Let’s connect’ makes me want to throw up in my own mouth.

3) It is so generic and doesn’t tell me anything.

4) It isn’t enticing in the slightest and makes me do the work ie the person hasn’t told me anything so I have to investigate.

5) I can’t imagine this version of ‘Putting yourself out there and networking’ will be effective.

I know so many people struggle with getting clients or standing out or how to sell themselves and I am not going to promise there is a one size fits all because there isn’t. In fact it is important you find your version so you can do things that feel good.

Collaborating with Digital Mums

Last year I co hosted two online workshops with Jo for Digital Mums.  Not only are the digital mums a fantastically supportive community but truly practise what they preach. 

They have a huge reach and so many are my ideal customers so it was a pleasure to add value to their platform. 

Hundreds of people (probably thousands now) viewed the workshops and afterwards I gained 3 new clients. 

Errrrm only 3 new clients you could say? Out of hundreds of your ideal clients? That’s not a great conversion rate? 

Ok I hear you, if I wanted to close a big money influx within 24 hours you may see this as a failure but that wasn’t my goal. It wasn't going to be my social media opportunity to say I had made 50 grand CASH in 24 hours :)

My goals were to give freely, passionately share my knowledge, build relationships and providing a sounding board to many of the repeat questions that were popping up (and often not shared because everyone is worried about looking a bit daft). 

Many people were coming to listen, to engage to find out more, to be part of an interactive group chat. They weren't necessarily coming to the checkout to pay. 

So I presented accordingly. I simply shared my details at the end…once I had delivered what I intended. There was nothing about payment or some sleazy sales secret.

However some people were ready to buy. Many weren’t in that instance but came back to me within the week. Then more during the following month and a consistent flow of clients followed from then until now. 


So many of my enquiries start with ‘I’ve been following you for a while…’

A woman came up to me at a speaking event a few weeks ago and said I’ve been watching your videos since 2014 and now I am ready to work with you on an ongoing basis. Another example of how you just need to keep showing up and be the go to person when people are ready. 

Visibility and ‘putting yourself out there’ takes many forms. Often you don’t know what is going to stick but you can control your intention and commitment. 

I know it is scary. Most people would say they wouldn’t put themselves in a position where they would have to lead a workshop. Or give up their time to offer free content. But there will be a way that works for you.

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Just because people are not engaging, doesn't mean they are not watching

And guess what, the game changing advice wasn't said to me by a business guru... it was in fact said by my man pal...

'Just because people aren't engaging, doesn't mean they are not watching'

The whole room went into slow mo...we were eating dinner. I put down my fork and stared at him.

Boom. It all made sense. This conversation happened about 4 years ago. Things were happening but my impatience was getting the better of me. I was pregnant, I was exhausted and all around me it felt like everyone was getting a book deal, or landing a lucrative job or being hailed as the next 'one to watch'.

I digested the phrase again. He said it flippantly but he was so right.

There is rarely an overnight success. It is about showing up consistently, doing the work, sharing who you are and allowing people to get to know you.

Another weird conversation happened a few months ago. I was at an event when an influencer came over (I won't name but it is likely you will know her if you are on Instagram). I didn't know that she knew me. She doesn't follow me or engage with my responses but knew everything about what I was doing. She asked me a lot of questions; how I landed gigs, why I had made certain decisions and my advice on her business queries. Interesting eh? Again another sign... you just never know.

Please know your hard work is paying off. Everything you want is on its way to you, it simply requires focus.

It can be so easy to slip into a negative mindset especially when you are being pulled in all directions.

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Listen below:

I sold two books in labour that paid for my taxi to the hospital...

Don't worry, that's where the labour part ends :) You may have heard me share this story before.

Back in 2014, I wrote a book. I wrote it in 6 months alongside a full time job and a coaching business. I had two wonderful editors and on the whole, it was a great experience. Between you and I, my second book maaaaay be in the mix :) This book still continues to sell frequently and earns me passive income.

Here's what I have learnt from this experience, passive income and missed opportunities:

1) Systems are key. My book is set up to be sold. Everything is delivered without me...the check out process, the book delivery and the money into my bank account. It is tried and tested and people can purchase whenever and wherever they like.

2) It is a wonderful low cost product. The book is about being an actor and combines my skills of being an actor for over 25 years, an agent for 5 years and a qualified coach. To be able to share this information one on one would take me days. Sharing in a book form allows the information to fly and scale. It continues to be the book that I wish I had and I know the value of that.

3) I made money in an easy way when my body was in a state of labour, discomfort and transition. Making money doesn't need to be hard, it doesn't require you to be always there and you never know when people may want exactly what you have to offer.

4) Not everyone needs you 1:1 and quite often, it may not be a financial option. It is a a lovely introduction to your work, plus I have noticed many of my readers have gone on to become 1:1 clients. If you don't have something to share that doesn't require you to be there, you are missing out and so are your customers. The technology is manageable, there is a solution for exactly where you are right now and you could change someone's life with your experience and knowledge. This sounds dramatic but it is true.

I know many people rule this option out because they don't know where to start or whether it will work for their brand. Believe me, there are many options for you and they will provide more ease and flow into your business. As I scale my business and expand my family, I am not looking for stress. In fact I am all about doing something once and giving many times and doing it with flow and ease.

Please think about how you could change things up in your business.