If you are feeling overworked, underpaid and overwhelmed please read on...

What if I told you that you could create a career/business on your terms according to your own version of success?

Don't worry this isn't a cheesy

'Follow my business model to a 6 or 7 figure business model' or a 'You don't have to like the products' network marketing programme.


In fact I don't believe there is a one size fits all solution.

This is about you and your business. 

What I am interested in is helping you to succeed on your terms; doing more of what you want and less of what you don't.

If you are feeling stuck, don't worry I can help...

Hello 2018...

NIcky Raby business coach

We want to be able to see our kids, if we have them.

Take care of elderly relatives, if necessary.

Have an impromptu boozy lunch with pals (the previous wishes two may have to be delegated that day).

To go on adventures midweek and avoid the weekend queues.

To work where we choose.

To collaborate.

To have creative control.

To earn as much as our corporate friends but in a way that lights up. AND not in a dippy hippy way...in a 'I actually feel good for the majority of the time' way. 


You know you are meant for something more.

You know it is your time.

You may do one thing brilliantly or have lots of strings to your bow like me.

There are so many amazing opportunities out there so I want to prepare and support you to receive them

You know you need support to make this happen (even though you are hesitant at the prospective of investing in yourself.)

BUT if you are honest with yourself, you know you are going to keep getting the same results (or lack of) if you continue as you are.

I have been there and I was in that position for waaaay too long.

In fact it was only when I became a mother (when I had less time than ever before! Oh and less sleep!) that I understood that couldn't do everything myself.

Throughout most of my 20s, I bumbled along; hoping and wishing for my lucky break.

I was a jobbing actor (and still am) who was happy to live a fairly mediocre life.

Or so I convinced myself...I didn't really have a plan, I under charged and over delivered and made do; I said yes instead of no, I lived with horrendous housemates and spent a lot of time wishing away time so I could live the way I was supposed to.

But then the penny dropped.

I shouldn't be waiting...I should be creating...you know making it happen myself. 


I successfully manage a portfolio career; actor, coach, speaker and writer. I am also Mum to my son and partner to Matt. Life is busy and full but fulfilling.

However it hasn't always been like this.

For many years, I was stuck, confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and not where I wanted to be in life or my career. There didn't seem to be a plan to move forward...

I have finally realised I need the business strategy...

How to plant and care for tulips (4).png

AND ALL THE STUFF can look like...

Can I do this?

Will people be interested and buy?

Will I be able to sustain myself?

Once those questions kick in... guess what quickly follows...  Overwhelm. Doubt. Insecurity. Comparison.

One of the most popular statements my clients say to me is...'I don't know what to next'.

I get it.

The to do list is endless. You may be a one person band and there are so many directions you could go.

For years I used to wing it. I would try to do everything and then feel like I was doing nothing.

I was hard on myself. I wasn't getting the results I wanted and I knew things had to change. These days, everything is much simpler. I try to only do what I love and not get distracted by the best. AND the best thing is I plan. I have processes. I have a clear strategy but I still remain creative.

When I look back I try to do it with kindness. I didn't know any better but I do now.

I work through many of these areas with my clients so I am very happy to be able to share with you too.

Nicky Raby

This is my most comprehensive course to date...one that is going to guide you through many parts of your business/brand so you can build a business and life on your terms.

So many of clients say:

I want to earn more money (disposable income is usually high on the list, not just scraping by to pay bills)

I want to work with my ideal clients consistency. Regular clients = consistent earn = the above..

I want my work to compliment every area of life. To remain flexible, yet professional. To remain productive but creative.

I want to earn income doing what I love (P.S in the course I will be sharing strategies on passive income, selling a variety of products/services and being a leader in your industry...aka the go to guru)

The thing is..

I know you are good at what you do. In fact, I am going to take a guess and say you are pretty excellent.

You are experienced.

You have lots of ideas. You know where you want to end up.

BUT you need a plan to make it happen. You want to stop trading your time for money all the time. You want your business and life to feel easy and free flowing and be able to do all the things you want to do.

When you click the above, you will be asked to create a username and password.

Then you will be taken to Memberspace's payment page...all log in details will be sent to you.

You can log in at any time, using the black 'log in/sign up' box at the bottom of the page. 


How it works:

Once you have made your payment, you will gain instant access to the course. The entire course is live for you to work through in sequence, or pick and choose whenever you need. 

What you will gain: 

You will be able to gain a full overview on your business. What's working what isn't and what you want more and make sure everything is aligned with your lifestyle.

You will be able to build a comprehensive 2018 plan for your business/personal brand.

The content is broken down into digestible categories which can be revisited at any time. For example in March 2018, money may be feeling slow and tricky, you can simply hop back into the money categories. Plus new updates will continue to be added...I am a content machine so I will be sharing and adding additional nuggets free of charge.

I have streamlined the content to work within your busy lifestyles. For years I have made oodles of mistakes on your behalf... so you don't have to. You are totally welcome :)

Here is a sneak peek into the modules...

Don't be overwhelmed by the volume...you can go at your own pace and work through 1-16 or dip in and out as and when you need. 

Each module is a mix of audios, videos, exercises and worksheets. When each module is released you will receive all the details straight to your inbox. I will be here to support you every step of the way and there will even be some cheeky surprises to keep you accountable and on track.

The clearer you can get on what you want to build, create, design, expand, the easier it will be to take action. 

Copy of social media spending willcontinue to increase (7).png


When you click the above, you will be asked to create a username and password.

Then you will be taken to Memberspace's payment page...all log in details will be sent to you.

You can log in at any time, using the black 'log in/sign up' box at the bottom of the page. 




I am don't have a business yet, just an idea- is this course for me? 

Absolutely. In the early years of my coaching business, I wasted a lot of time, mainly because I didn't have a process to follow and didn't know how to spend my time. This course will give yo clarity and help you identify how to make everything work on your terms. 

How does it work? 

There are 16 modules. The majority are up and running and ready for you to dive into. 

Is there a monthly fee? 

No, it is a one off payment. One you are in, you are in. 

If the course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. All sales are final. 

How do I access the content?

When you make your payment, you will create log in details. You will receive a confirmation email that will give you everything you need. Any technical issues, please use the contact page and myself or one of my team will get back to you within 24 hours.