You may be thinking about starting a business or you are ready to go to the next level…

At the point of writing, I have helped over a 1000 clients to do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.

I imagine you have a long to do list. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you are unsure where to focus and what is going to get results.

Although there isn’t a one size fits all, there is a framework you can follow and I am very excited to share it with you.

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I have learnt the hard way. As I have a portfolio career, it could be very easy to get caught up in being busy or simply being creative behind the scenes.

However in order to make progress, to make profit and share my message and make an impact, I have had to get super focused.

As a qualified, certified and full insured Personal Performance Coach, I have a huge tool kit to share which is built on three foundations; vision, strategy and mindset.

At the beginning of the next chapter, it can be difficult to identify where to spend your money, time and energy as there is no formula to follow.


I hear you. I know you want you to make it all work. I have big dreams like you but I know when I get overwhelmed, I can quickly step into step into self doubt, procrastination and a lack of confidence.

This framework will keep you focused, understand your WHY and keep you on track to make progress. The thing is running your own gig or moving out of your career comfort zone can be the greatest self development journey of your life.


In 16 comprehensive modules, we will be exploring so many elements of your business.



Each module is a mixture of videos, audios and exercises.

Once you have made a payment , you will receive an email with access details. You will have full access to all the course.

Is there a monthly fee?

There is no monthly free, just the first payment, once you are signed up, you have full access.

If this course is not for me, can I get a refund? Unfortunately not, all sales are final.