I am a fully insured, qualified Personal Performance Coach (certified by the Coaching Academy) and since 2013, I have coached over 1000 clients in my private coaching sessions and across many businesses and organisations in a variety of sectors. 

I trained an actor and graduated with a BA in Performance in 2003 and have found a unique niche for myself where I can combine my performance skills and extensive coaching tool kit.

As an actor, I created and fulfilled opportunities across stage and screen and as a writer I have written a book 'Be Ready for you Lucky Break' and I am regular contributor to a number of publications including the Huffington Post. Recurring topics include: Goal setting, creating an action plan, making it happen, interviews with inspiring creatives, practical tips, freelancing, decreasing fear and creating success on your terms.

Most recently, I have been an external consultant, trainer (often writing the material that will be delivered) and speaker at Kingston University. I am also speaking at Stylist Live.

In busy times such as these, it is essential that individuals gain the support they need. Without exception, every client I coached has wanted to do an excellent job; to meet expectations, to deliver enormous value and to grow their skills, confidence and expertise to enhance their personal working life and add value to their company.

However behind the scenes, there is also a full life at home that needs to be nurtured; relationships, children (I am a mother of one), family, hobbies, health and wellbeing... the list is endless.

Over the years I have been listening out for what my USP is and analysing the feedback I have received.

I have the ability to break down the process; to move the client from an overwhelmed, over worked and unproductive state to gaining clarity and a way forward with their own unique set of tools to support him/her. 

Often it is the small tweaks that can make a huge difference- a shift in perspective, a one hour session dedicated to 'finding a solution' or some time out for some reflection and some strategic planning. 

It is likely that your office is very busy- targets to meet, projects to deliver and pressure to contain.

As the business owner, your focus is always on the end goal aka the result- the deal, the financial win, the growth, the completion. You want to reach that end goal in the most effective and efficient way. You are hugely reliant on your team to play their part- to add value and to bring their specialist skills to the forefront. 

No doubt you have invested in experts- recruitment consultants to find the most suitable individuals and training in sales/social media/new technology etc etc to ensure your employees are sharp and efficient.  

Employing a coach within your business is highly beneficial and essential. Not only can it compliment your business goals i.e. all of the team are working collaboratively, coaching sessions can also nurture, support, motivate and accelerate your team members.

I'm sure you invest in lots of the practical aspects. But what about if your employees require a little more support to be their best? Again, it may just be a little tweak here and there, but you don't have the time to do it.

Here's where I can offer.

In my one-on-one sessions (or group workshops, if suited to your organisation) my focus is to help your employees reach their full potential. Using my practical techniques, I can help my client/your employee to gain clarity on what he or she would like to achieve ( also what is working/not, however him or her works best and consider any other circumstances ) and then help to formulate a plan of action. 

This 'goal' or 'focus' could be: 

  • Working towards a promotion

  • Increase sales and releasing limiting beliefs 'i.e I am not good at sales' 'Everyone always tells me 'no' 'I am too busy'

  • Diminishing mind chatter/ unhelpful habits that are getting in the way of their performance and therefore their success. 

  • Building confidence

  • Uncovering support/structures that may be needed at home that will compliment a rich working life.

  • Creating strategies to become more effective/productive/bold/professional or simply a leader. 

  • Becoming a stronger asset to the team and overall business

  • Creating a work/life balance so neither is compromised and work time is maximised.

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