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I want you to love what you do and what you offer. However life, general busyness, or limiting beliefs can get in the way.

This monthly package will help you take your business/brand into the next phase. Through 1:1 coaching, unlimited virtual support and an abundance of resources, I will help you reflect, edit, streamline and expand into the next chapter.

There are certain points for all of us when we get that niggle; we know we are ready for a fresh injection of planning and strategising. However after a long break, it can be difficult to begin; the to do list is endless, the overwhelm sets in and procrastination can pop up to say hello.

In 2019 I have noticed a recurring trend amongst my clients and people I meet to do more. To grow quicker. To ‘smash it’ and ‘add another string to the bow’.

Big goals and dreams are wonderful but they take time. Often the ideas are there. However the action is the tricky bit... welcome to the accountability you’ve been waiting for.

What you get:

  • 4 weeks of support

  • We begin with pre work from me to you. I want to know what results you would like to gain; what you want more of and where your gaps are. Where are you making progress, where are you uncertain and where do you need help

  • An hour and a half session with me, either online or face to face in Central London.

  • Unlimited what’s app/email support. You can send me stuff, get my expert eye and feedback. Plus the accountability will create momentum, encourage you to take action and therefore get results quicker.

  • Plus free access to all these resources

Big Goals vs Big Fear
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You’ll gain clarity, focus, direction and most importantly a plan of action to move forward to get your desired results.

Complete the form below with your details and I will get back to you with availability/wait time. 

I will then share payment details with you. Please note your session is not confirmed until payment has been made. 

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