Back to business

 The summer is almost over and the ‘back to school’ vibes are just around the corner.

August is often a quiet month for me; lots of my client go away on holiday and I like to carve out lots of family time… this August I had another baby :)

By the time September comes around, most of us are ready for a fresh injection of planning and strategising. However after a long break, it can be difficult to begin; the to do list is endless, the overwhelm sets in and procrastination can pop up to say hello.

In 2019 I have noticed a recurring trend amongst my clients and people I meet to do more. To grow quicker. To ‘smash it’ and ‘add another string to the bow’.

Big goals and dreams are wonderful but they take time. Often the ideas are there. However the action is the tricky bit... welcome to the accountability you’ve been waiting for.

Starting on 1st September 2019

Every week throughout September, you will receive a brand new training to elevate your brand. The new training will be delivered every Sunday (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd) and every Monday and Wednesday you will have unlimited access to my email/what’s app/voice note so you can get your specific questions answered or you are welcome to send through web pages, brain storms or potential offerings. I am offering Monday and Wednesday weekly so you take action. I know so many people who pay for and take courses but never implement.


Email support- 2nd and 4th September

Big Goals vs Big Fear

WEEK TWO- 8th September 2019

Email support- 9th and 11th September 2019

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WEEK THREE- 15th September 2019

Email support - 16th and 18th September 2019

WEEK FOUR- 22nd September 2019

Email support - 23rd and 25th September 2019

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Get access to all course materials and unlimited weekly email support

Get access to all course materials, unlimited weekly email support

plus a 45 minute coaching session