All about headshots

So we all know we need amazing headshots as an actor... but how do we achieve them? You know the shots that we feel look like us (perhaps a better version of) that are not too expensive and ultimately get us the castings and job we want. 

Sounds easy, right? But so many of us don't nail it. We have mediocre shots, we don't open the doors we want and are left feeling frustrated and annoyed. 

I have been actor for over 20 years and an agent for 5 years so have seen many headshots in my time...some brilliant and some extremely iffy!

Disclaimer: This is not to say mine are perfect-very much a work in process but this is a tried and tested prep method. 

Your headshot is often the first introduction to industry professionals, so there is no room for something that just fades into the background. 

Here's what you'll learn in this audio: 

- Why a headshot is so important (there may be quite a few surprises here) 

- A process to follow to find the right photographer for you

- How to shoot shots that a casting director is going to connect with and easily cast you

- How to stretch your budget to still achieve a high end result

- Exercises that are going to help you prepare and be the best version of yourself on the day. 

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