How are you?

Fine? Busy? Ok? Tired? These are usually the answers I receive from clients.

But as Danielle La Porte so aptly says in her book ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’…. ‘But how do you want to feel?’

I’m sure ‘tired’ wouldn’t make it on the list.

So what would you say? What would you be doing? How would you ideally start your day?


Now I am not suggesting you have to say every day ” I’m amazing, how are you?” or ” I’ve never felt better, what about you?” however it would be great to say ‘Really well” and mean it.


I want to share 5 strategies with you to help you make room for more love and fun and eliminate some of the frustrations and challenges you may be experiencing.

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1) Start and plan the day in your ideal way. Most days start as a blank canvas when the alarm goes off so be protective of ‘your time’ first thing in the morning. Eat something that makes you feel good. Don’t check emails until you have at least made a cup of tea if they make you stressed and plan the night before to avoid any manic running around.


2)  What are your daily routines? What actually makes you feel happy? If you find yourself with that constant dreaded feeling, it might be time for a change. This is not a bad thing, often it is a very positive action in the long run. Life is short, so if things are getting you down, change them.


3)  What are you saying to yourself? Are you telling yourself you are tired or feel ill? Is this still a fact or just something habitual. If so book in some time to re charge- your body is trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore it.

Plan ahead

4) Book something to look forward to. Recreate that childlike ‘counting the days until Christmas’ and treat yourself. Life can often be so instantaneous and arrive within one working day- mark your calendar and start plotting and dreaming.


5) If you really dislike doing a task, look into seeking help. It may be a lurking tax return, getting a cleaner or someone to help you with day to day tasks. In just making a few shifts in how you use your time, you will make room for the stuff you love.