All about Agents | Audio

How effective is your relationship with your agent? Do you have good communication? Do you get seen for all the castings that you want? Do you feel fully supported? 

If not, this audio is for you. 


This audio is designed to help you navigate the relationship between you the actor and your agent. You may be just starting out and looking for your first agent. You may want to hone your relationship with your current agent so it is more effective. Or you know it is time to move and seek new representation and you need some guidance. 

Here's what you will learn: 

  • How to get really clear on what your ideal career looks like, so your agent opens the right doors for you

  • How you could be getting in your own way and damaging the relationship

  • How to create your 'ideal agent profile' so you finally have representation that you are truly happy with. 

  • I take you behind the scenes of my own experiences as an agent and share with you my tips and strategies from an insider's point of view

  • How to create an action plan today so you don't waste your time and money and actually get results i.e get more auditions!

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