We are often told how to act and perfect our craft

but what about the other stuff?

For example:

  • How frustrating/confusing it can be waiting for the phone to ring?

  • How to get an agent and then build a relationship with them that is supportive, communicative and strategic.

  • What to do in-between jobs that keeps you feeling proactive, positive, upbeat and ready for the next opportunity.

  • How to find a job that no only supports your bank balance, but your creativity, the ability to be flexible and your mental health.

  • How to decide on what to spend your time/money/energy on that will actually provide results towards your dream career.

Don’t worry, I have some answers for you:

I am Nicky and I am in a unique position.

I have been an actor for 25 years working across television, film, theatre and commercials. I trained at Mountview and I am a Mum of one, (soon to be two) and bizarrely had my best acting year in 2017…when I was my most tired and stretched time wise having just had a baby.

I was an agent for 5 years working in a busy, fast paced, thriving office looking after clients in the UK and oversees. No two days were the same and I learnt so much.

In fact I think it should be compulsory for every actor to work in an agents’ office- this ‘behind the scenes’ peek into the industry is so informing as an actor. You see everything from another perspective and it had a game changing effect on my career.

However I was still missing the ‘science bit’. How could you build a plan of action in a strategic way that you can control in an unpredictable industry.

7 years ago I trained as a Personal Performance Coach with The Coaching Academy. I was becoming increasingly frustrated that I wasn’t making progress in my acting career. I was so bored of waiting for the phone to ring/to be flavour of the month/to be chosen…surely there was something I could do to put myself in the drivers’ seat?

During my year long training, I build an enormous toolkit of knowledge to help to support my clients; from effective goal setting to building a strategy, to creating success on your terms to overcoming blocks/limiting beliefs that are going in the way of your progress.

Since qualifying I have coached over a 1000 clients, written for The Stage and been the resident monthly columnist for Surviving Actors. I also have a top 100 business podcast on iTunes and spoken at Google, Stylist Live, MTV, Arcadia to name a few…

This not going to teach you how to act or remember lines.

But will support you through the BUSINESS of being an actor!

In short, I have experienced this industry in a big way. 

I meet many actors at various stages of their career and no matter how 'successful' he or she is, the most common question I hear is 'I don't know what to do'.

It is easy to feel upbeat and buoyant when you are working or filming but what about the quiet times?

There is a sense as an actor that you are in limbo...waiting for phone to ring, hoping your agent will open doors for you and then crossing all your fingers (and toes) that you will get the job.

If you have been feeling a little lost or things have been quiet or just want to put yourself back in the drivers' seat of your career, this is the toolkit for you.

The Truth

I created this toolkit because I hadn’t found it yet and I was searching for it. ‘Just think positive’ wasn’t enough…I needed to know what to do.

Over the years, there have been many times where I have felt confused, disheartened and deflated.

The months have gone by with no contact with my agent and even more time since I got a job.

Over the last 25 years, not only has my acting career had peaks and troughs but so has my personal life. I learnt to navigate it.

During the quiet times, I began to doubt myself. To question my ability. To seriously consider 'giving up my dreams' and heading over to the world of sensible jobs, reliable incomes and slightly gross office wear.

But I have kept going. Why? Because I know I am supposed to do this. Because I love it.

What is it? 

This is a toolkit packed full of videos, there is hours of content for you to work through and return to whenever you need it.

(plus lots of surprise bonuses along the way) to help you create the career you have always dreamed off.

We will cover the practical elements in detail; the headshots, the castings, the auditions, your portfolio, agents, earning money, your brand etc.  

 But we are going in deep.

I will help you to create a strategy that you can easily follow. I don't offer a one size fits all method.

This is about you; your personality and your version of success. 

Saying you want to do everything in this industry, is incredibly exciting and yes, of course, I want you to have a varied, compelling career. However trying to be all the things can be exhausting and not open the next door for you.

I often share and analogy of the estate agent. If you are looking for somewhere to live… even for the next year, it is much more productive (and likely to get a result) to specific your needs…ie your budget, your location, your requirements rather than saying you could live anywhere.

Having a plan regarding what you would like to achieve over the next few years will not only help you to communicate with your agent and take action but also match your headshots, showreel and CV… it will make you focus.

I know you have enough going on outside of acting so I will be sharing ways you can work smartly not just hard and help you to be time and money effective.

I am going to be helping you with your mindset, your confidence and sharing tried and tested techniques that you can use to quickly snap into 'I've got this' even when you don't feel you have.

Finally connecting the dots and sharing all my behind the scenes knowledge...

stuff as the actor you usually have no idea about but I know because I have been an agent.

I will cover how to best work with you agent, how to open the 'right' doors' for you and how to get AMAZING RESULTS

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what is included:

Creating your strategy - What do you want to do? What is your version of success? What kind of actor do you want to be? So often we can be vague and say we want to do everything, however that can be counterproductive. I will help you to get clear on what you want. Of course, you want to have a varied career that is multi faceted but I want to help you strategise the next chapter so you use your time/energy/money effectively and actually see results and make progress.

Your Mindset for Success - ‘Make yourself feel good, and then you will do good’ - Matt Selby, casting director.

Managing your mindset as an actor is essential. This isn’t a quick fix of ‘just stand tall and put a smile on your face’ - this is about unlocking how you work best. Being ready for the unexpected is an essential skill. Rejection and an unpredictable lifestyle can be hard and mentally taxing. It can be difficult to pick yourself up and consistently remain proactive.

Your Brand - If I had declared myself ‘a brand’ in 2003, I would have been laughed out. But these days, it is essential. You can build a brand strategy so you are memorable, marketable and the 'go to' person

Agents: - Agents | (P.S This is a biggie and I will be sharing all my behind the scenes knowledge)

Casting - Casting and getting the job | Building the fundamentals and working with your agent and casting directors and not against.

Your Portfolio - Building your portfolio | How to create a set of amazing head shots, an unstoppable CV and an unforgettable showreel

Game Plan- Taking your career to the next level | Tips, strategies and actions you can take NOW to accelerate your career.

Results Nicky Raby coaching

2) The money course

Don't worry you are not the only one...

Guess what most actors want to talk me about? Shakespeare? More auditions? How to talk about to their agent without feeling scared/confused?

Yep, that is usually how it the conversation starts (btw I am definitely not the person to talk to about Shakespeare!) but there is always a deeper layer.

Underneath there is usually a money conversation; questions about logistics.

How do I make this work?  

  • Be available for auditions but having a steady income? 

  • Have a flexible job but one that doesn't make it feel like I am selling my soul and giving up on my creative dream. 

  • Finding a way that I can run my acting career and 'the in-between bits' simultaneously; with ease, with no stress and still feel good and ready for the next acting opportunity. 

In this course, I help you to create  a full, abundant and flexible working life alongside your acting career. I know many actors have these types of thought: 

  • ' Is this all worth it? I am poor, stressed, miserable and don't feel like I am where I am supposed to be in life'.

  • ' I hate this job... why I am still here...?' Clues were in the dread of going in every morning, a constant slightly angry face and a lack of motivation, purpose and energy. 

  • 'I am losing at life. Not only is my acting career not happening, I am stuck in this rubbish situation. Not only do I feel like am a loser but all my other mates seem to have it figured out...fancy holidays to Thailand, buying 'grown up' houses, daily casual social media brags 'Yay, look at my new bag #blessed' Grrr!

  • 'I am at the point where I feel like I am backed into a corner. I can't leave my job as it pays my bills so I am dreading my agent saying I have an audition (let alone the job) because I can't get the time off and I NEED to pay the bills. 

Any of that sound familiar? 

Yep. You are not the only one. But that can change. You just have to decide. I did and this is what happened. 

Here is what happened:

  • Very quickly I quadrupled my day rate and I only say 'yes' to the work I love. (Even though it felt scary at first)

  • I set my own hours and projects. 

  • I increased my output... I got very focused and stopped messing about and playing small. 

  • I got an acting job within a week and filmed a week later

  • Last year I had my most successful acting year yet 

  • Then two months later my partner and I were lucky enough to become pregnant ... so with a little person (a not so little person these days!) on the way I knew I had to make it work and I have. 

Testimonial for Nicky Raby

The exciting news is, you can do this too...

This course will show you how. It isn't a 'network marketing opportunity' or a 'Get rich quick' scheme. Far from it. This is all about you; your talents, skills, knowledge and expertise and how you can use what you have already to make a living and a comfortable living at that!

What you will gain: 

  • OPTIONS. I want to show you there is another way. Perfect if you are feeling stuck, confused, disheartened and 'poor' in all or some aspects of your life.

  • CLARITY. As actors we can sometimes gloss over the 'money stuff'. This course will help you to get laser focused, streamlined and smart with your money and your time. 

  • Practical solutions. This is not a 'one size fits all' issue that needs solving. My coaching expertise will help you to find your version of success

  • The clue is in the URL 'acting career', this is about making your acting career sustainable and profitable so you can continue, thrive and be the best at what you do. 

  • More auditions, acting jobs and money. If you can figure out the 'behind the scenes / in-between contracts' stuff, it will have an amazing and surprising effect on how successful your acting career will be. 

PLUS THE AUDIO VERSION OF MY BOOK, BE READY FOR YOUR LUCKY BREAK, interviews with experts and free access to my ‘get back in the game’ workshop.

Who will this toolkit work for?

  • Those who are ready to go to the next level; who are willing to invest in themselves by taking a 360 degree analysis of their career

  • Those who are feeling a little lost, all has gone quiet and you are not quite sure how to move forward 

  • Those who need to inject some love and energy back into their career (I know the feeling, I had to do exactly this after I had my baby). 

  • Those who want to feel proactive and in control of their career. 

  • Those who feel stuck, unmotivated and quite frankly a bit fed up and need some TLC and a plan of action.

Lianne Robertson

Why sign up?

  • It is a comprehensive toolkit which is going to cover all aspects of your life and career

  • It can be digested at your own speed and returned to when you need a boost or a question answered (plus as it is online, you can complete whenever you life- no hard, uncomfortable, conference chairs for you!)

  • My blend of skills is unique. I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach (certified by the Coaching Academy) in 2013 so the strategies are based on tried and tested theory.

  • It will give you a brand new perspective; endless possibilities and the injection of 'Let's do this' back into your career

    •  You will gain a plan of action. No more confusion or overwhelm, you will have a comprehensive action plan to follow that is tailored especially for you. 

    •  A renewed sense of excitement about your career. I love this industry, but the hard times can make us all lose faith. 

    •    A strategy. Often as actors, we feel as though we have tried everything but nothing is working. Building a strategy will assist you in working smarter, not harder so you get your desired results quicker. 

    •   We will uncover any obstacles that are getting in your way, so you can create space for exciting opportunities.