about me:



I am based in London, UK and live with my partner of 11 years and son.

My portfolio career takes me far and wide and every day is different; I could be acting, writing, speaking at an event, recording a podcast or collaborating with a brand. 


Trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London with a BA Hons in Performance (Acting option) and won a scholarship towards my final year awarded by Jim Broadbent.

I gained a top London agent and landed my first job from my showcase...I left 5 months early and began my career. I have since had a varied, exciting and diverse career across theatre, television, commercial, film and radio.

Find my full acting CV here and contact my agent here.

Nicky Raby

A few other shares: 

I wrote my first book in 2014 'Be Ready for your Lucky Break'. 

My podcast 'Dreaming and Doing' launched in January 2018. A new episode is released every Monday and Thursday and we recently hit position number 51 on the I Tunes Business charts. I have interviewed some high profile entrepreneurs, influencers and personal brands.

I am frequently invited into businesses, onto panels and to contribute to engaged and creative platforms. If you have an idea you would like to share with me, please send details via my contact page. 



I won a scholarship towards my fees and gain my diploma as a Personal Performance Coach certified by The Coaching Academy in 2013 (Read my story here ...written in 2013)

Since then I have gone on to coach over 600 people; 1:1 sessions, small groups, businesses, enormous lecture theatres packed full people to help so many to create success on their terms in the areas of work, life or their own personal development. Find out more details here

Many of my clients are looking to start a new chapter and create their own blend of success aka doing more of what they love and less of what they don't; life after maternity leave, turning a passion project into a business, combining their unique set of skills to create a portfolio career or going to the next level as a personal brand. 

This has led to many speaking opportunities, events, workshops, collaborations and contributions to some high profile media outlets. I am available for commissions, interviews, guest blogs, podcasts and expert commentary. Contact me here

I have blogged since 2011 and regularly create content (find videos and articles here)

Some of the key themes I specialise in are: 

My life coach toolkit: Goal setting | Limiting beliefs | Boosting confidence | Overcoming overwhelm | Combining your passions | Not waiting for the perfect time and how to take the first step right now. 

Working as a freelancer: Life as an entrepreneur | Designing your week on your terms | Remote working | Combining your skills and your interests

Motherhood and working as a freelancer: 

Creativity | Time Management | How to delegate | Ways to stay sane(?!) | Productivity | Why becoming a mum in business is a wonderful thing!

Being multi passionate:

I share my story on how to have a varied career- i.e I don't have one 9-5 corporate job. I can share tips on how to get started | keep motivated | building your networking and how to hustle!

Actors and Creatives:                                                                                                                 

Getting started | Ask me anything: agents/castings/rejection/getting your dream role. More support here.