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Do what you love and less of what you don't

I love what I do, I am very lucky in this respect. Marie Forleo coined the term 'multi- passionate' which I think sums it up beautifully; actor, coach, writer, speaker and a mum.

My days and projects are varied but for a long time I thought it was 'bad' to do more than one thing...I never knew what to say when someone asked me what I did for a living.

These days, I embrace my unique flavour as in fact, they all compliment each other. Plus in my coaching, writing and speaking work, I inspire others to do the same.

Since becoming a mum in 2015, something wonderful happened...even though I have even less time. I have become more ambitious and have a much clearer vision... at the grand of age of 35 I have never felt so fulfilled career wise. 

I love to create; whether this is within an acting role (my last role was playing an astrophysicist from 37 to 57) or writing an inspiring article to help the reader take the first step on a dream they have perhaps had for a long time but never actioned. 

Or it could be a video over on my You Tube channel or a workshop of practical steps for mums to help navigate life after maternity.

I love to collaborate so perhaps you have an idea to share with me. Contact me here and share what you can so either myself or one of my team can come back to you. 

in a nutshell


Trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London with a BA Hons in Performance (Acting option) and won a scholarship towards my final year awarded by Jim Broadbent.

I gained a top London agent and landed my first job from my showcase...I left 5 months early and began my career. I have since had a varied, exciting and diverse career across theatre, television, commercial, film and radio.

Find my full acting CV here and contact my agent here.


I won a scholarship towards my fees and gain my diploma as a Personal Performance Coach certified by The Coaching Academy in 2013 (Read my story here ...written in 2013)

Since then I have gone on to coach over 600 people; 1:1 sessions, small groups, businesses, enormous lecture theatres packed full people to help so many to create success on their terms in the areas of work, life or their own personal development. Find out more details here

Many of my clients are looking to start a new chapter and create their own blend of success aka doing more of what they love and less of what they don't; life after maternity leave, turning a passion project into a business, combining their unique set of skills to create a portfolio career or going to the next level as a personal brand. 

This has led to many speaking opportunities, events, workshops, collaborations and contributions to some high profile media outlets. I am available for commissions, interviews, guest blogs, podcasts and expert commentary. Contact me here

I have blogged since 2011 and regularly create content (find videos and articles here)

Some of the key themes I specialise in are: 

My life coach toolkit: Goal setting | Limiting beliefs | Boosting confidence | Overcoming overwhelm | Combining your passions | Not waiting for the perfect time and how to take the first step right now. 

Working as a freelancer: Life as an entrepreneur | Designing your week on your terms | Remote working | Combining your skills and your interests

Motherhood and working as a freelancer: 

Creativity | Time Management | How to delegate | Ways to stay sane(?!) | Productivity | Why becoming a mum in business is a wonderful thing!

Being multi passionate:

I share my story on how to have a varied career- i.e I don't have one 9-5 corporate job. I can share tips on how to get started | keep motivated | building your networking and how to hustle!

Actors and Creatives:                                                                                                                 

Getting started | Ask me anything: agents/castings/rejection/getting your dream role. More support here. 

A few other shares: 

I wrote my first book in 2014 'Be Ready for your Lucky Break'. I became a mother in 2015 and have a son with my partner of ten years.

In our world, there is no such thing as work/life balance, everything is combined and we do our best to do what we love.

A typical day could be with coaching clients/going for auditions/filming/write in the local cafe/speaking at an event/hanging out in our living room with pals and family or feeling like I may have contracted a disease at a grimy soft play centre!


Over to you Nicky Raby

How can we work together? 

I am a big dreamer, I have a big heart and often a big mug of tea!

I am passionate about making it happen and not wait for the perfect time. Sure, this can involve late nights, increased dark circles under my eyes but my dogged determination always gets me through. Besides these days I only do work that I am truly excited about so if we are working together you will only get the best from me.

I love collaborating, creating introductions and seeing others win. 

There is lots of information on my Hello page and also my services page. 

Perhaps I can add value to your platform or you have an idea that you feel would appeal to my audience.

I'm all ears; just visit my contact page and share the details and myself or one of my team will get back to you.

In meantime; you can connect with me on Facebook, (you can also join my free Facebook group here) Twitter or Instagram. Nicky X

Scroll down for a bonus 20 facts about me...a recent tag on Instagram

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Here are 20 facts you may not know about me: 

1. Born and raised in Scunthorpe, North Lincs. From a young age I had cabin fever but had to wait patiently until I was 18 to head to the bright lights of London Town. 

2. I am half Welsh; my mum and her side of the family are from Holyhead and I can (smugly) say the longest Welsh train station…even when I have had a few wines…

3. I have been with my partner Matt for almost ten years and we have a beautiful son together. Cue the sick bag but the loves keeps on growing. He met my mum for the first time on her wedding day and I had a nap (drunk nap) on his lap on our first meeting…er obviously felt erm comfortable. I still deny this…

4. I have been on stage with East 17- yep on of those girls plucked from the audience and hoisted on to the stage (me and 3 pals). I was wearing a long black and white skirt with the slit up the side, a beige ribbed body (for your pleasure!) two chokers and Chelsea boots. Welcome to the 90s

5. I was scouted by Storm Models at The Clothes Show live… I was 17, the scouter thought I was 12 and might grow… I didn’t

6. Nicknames; Nic, Nit, Nixxie, Nicnay, Rabes, Raby Baby, Chips ’n’ Gravy. 

7. I love super healthy food but I have a mega sweet tooth

8. I am excellent at accents and impressions. My parents used to get the giggles at parents’ evening as they had heard the impressions before…

9. I am a sofa napper. Most films I have only seen the first 23 minutes of…unless I saw it at the cinema…then I paid for it so was staying awake!

10. I am a geek and rebel in equal measure. I love learning and challenging myself but also prefer to do my own thing, swear a lot and miss my Doc Martens

11. I love my bed. 

12. I have sparkly eyes which means you may or may not be able to tell what I am thinking…usually mischief. My son has the same eyes. 

13. I want to travel…I want to see more of the world. But I am also a homebody. 

14. I went to drama school (my dream from being 4). The experience was fine but I didn’t ‘love’ it as I hoped I would. I got a job and an agent and so left 5 months early… see geek/rebel pattern again    

15. I was in a show at the Hackney Empire- it was a sell out show with a queue round the block and we even put in an extra midnight show to cope with the demand. It was an amazing cast, crew and director. I was the only white actress in an all black cast playing an unlikeable character. It taught me so much as an actor; to be bold, to be truthful to the character and 2500 people make a lot of noise when they boo/do a standing ovation. 

16. I have met all of the Spice Girls. All at once. All walking towards me. Victoria has a photo of Geri and I on her phone (although this was 2007 so I doubt she still cruises with that Motorola!)

17. I love to dance. Ballet, tap, jazz, all the Strictly stuff, slut drops… it is one of the times when I feel completely free. 

18.Jim Broadbent gave me £1000 at drama school when he saw me perform a monologue. I would like to meet him again to tell him what that meant 15 years ago and thank him properly. 

19. Becoming a mother changed everything in my life for the better apart from sleep. 

20. I crave connection- to give and receive. To love, to relate, to support, to create, to collaborate, to joke, to dream, to brainstorm. I have little time for ongoing small talk…I want to understand the bigger picture.