3 month coaching package

Ready to dedicate some time to you to 'actually do this'? Brill- let's get started. 

This is a longer term option- for a quick solution, find out more about my other services here

The first question, I would like to ask you is 'What would you like?'.

Often life can really busy and we never have time to (a) assess what we are enjoying and what's going in our lives and (b) what we would actually like. 

This is when the 3 month package comes in. Sometimes we can wait the perfect time to take action. You know when you have a solid chunk of time, all the money to make it happen, the plan in place and it generally feels right. 

However in our lives of multi taking madness- when does that perfect time ever come? The 'perfect time' doesn't come through in the form of musical singing birds, a sky bursting with fireworks or a nod from someone who knows all the answers.

You decide.

The perfect time begins when you take the first step. 

So why the 3 month package? 

The three month package is designed to help and support you through the next chapter. Sometimes a quick burst of coaching can be the answer (see my STRATEGY SESSION for a shorter coaching solution) but sometimes a great investment can be exactly the support you need. 

Who benefits from the 3 month package? 

Consider this type of package, your project me. You may want to make a change, do more of what you love, start a business. 

Given the extended time, you may have one goal/project you want to work on i.e. starting a business... that will have many components which may feel stifling. Or alternatively you may have several areas of your life you want to shake up or combine which can be broken down into monthly projects. (For a shorter more intensive offering, read more about my It's Time package here)

Making changes in our lives can be incredibly liberating- we are in charge of our own destiny. However the transition can evoke various emotions- terror, insecurity, uncertainty which can quickly transform into negativity and procrastination. Working with a coach over a longer period of time can give you the support you need to build a positive, interesting, exciting new chapter. 

As your coach, my job is to encourage you to continue along the path that works for you, to offer options and keep you in the 'solution' mindset. 

What results can I expect? 

  • Making this commitment to yourself and getting the support you need to make it happen is fantastic for accountability. 

  • All of the 'vagueness' is removed... the half hearted approach of 'I'm kind of doing this' quickly shifts to 'I am working x, y and z'

  • Goals and projects that have previously been too overwhelming, start to get done. The process is broken down, the actions are more manageable and through the session updates you can notice how far you have come which is great to spur you on. 

  • Having a process to follow can benefit other areas of your life. By following a game plan, you create more headspace and become more efficient.. therefore opening up more time and energy for other areas of your life. 

  • Working on your goals and investing in yourself over a longer period of time breeds motivation and momentum. Consistent action leads to consistent results that produce long term benefits. 


How do I get started, am I good fit? 


  • On deciding to work together, you will be emailed an invoice and my terms and conditions. Upon payment, you will receive your pre work to help you gain clarity and brainstorm and help me to create a tailored toolkit of resources for you. I will share access to my calendar so we can book in our first session together. 

  • Sessions take place face to face | Skype | phone, depending on your location and availability. You can state your preference when you book. 

  • The package includes 4 x 1 hours sessions which can be scheduled as and when you wish during the 3 months. 

  • Leave each session with a plan of action so you know exactly what to do next

  • Followed by a full summery via email of what was discussed, the options we explored and the action plan. This is useful to get started but also as a reference, so you can measure your results. 

NB: The package has an expiry date of 3 months from the start date of the first session. 

If you are ready to purchase please state below and I will share payment details.

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