So where are you in your

business and life right now? 


We no longer have to make a decision at sixteen that will define us for the rest of our life. We can chop and change.

We can make life work on our terms. We can create our own version of success across home, life and ourselves.

When I began a mum, something unexpected happened. I became suuuper ambitious and everything changed. (P.S you don't have to be a parent to work with me)

Yep that time when have the least amount of time ever.


As a 36 year old women, mother of one I thought (or so the press the told me) I may be in a limited position at this time; less options, less money, less opportunities and recognition. 

I am thrilled to say, I haven't found this to be the case.

In fact the opposite, there is a wonderful rise of personal brands and creatives flourishing online and you can do the same.

But you need a plan (that's where I come in)

Taking selfies with the inlfuencers of Instagram is all great and flamingos but you have to bring in the cash too (if it is a business... if it isn't...keeping standing on one leg and working on your 'peace sign'). 

There are amazing opportunities and events out there which will echo what I am saying. In fact I am a regular speaker and writer on this very topic.

So how do I help my clients (over 700 at the time of writing)?

Nicky Raby coaching

The majority of my clients want to design their own week to align with their circumstances...

  • To earn well

  • To create a business/career that compliments their lifestyle i.e provides flexibility...

  • To have a variety of income streams (products/services) ...often being able to earn whist sleeping in a non sleazy way

  • To be able to rewrite the 'rule book'... to have choice and creative direction. 

  • To actually be able to enjoy more living for the weekend or dreading Monday morning. 

The whole life coach thing...


The clues were there from an early age; a love of self development, a passion for helping and supporting others, finding a solution to get s&^t done... this was much needed as I am from a small town in Lincolnshire which can be limited in opportunities (as in stuff that lit me up) so I had to think and dream big.

However I didn't look like a life coach and still don't (I probably won't high five you, I don't have perfect hair all the time and I don't work from a sun lounger overlooking the Indian Ocean).

Oh and I definitely don't wear a patronising pashima and give you ALL the eyes 'Now let's make you feel all judged and confirm you have no idea what you are doing with your life'. No no no...

perspective (3).png

I was a jobbing actor with no regular acting jobs, I was juggling oodles of temp jobs to just about get by, I hate where I lived, I lost 3 of my grandparents in quick succession. If I am honest, most of the time I wanted to watch continuous box sets and hide under my duvet. These days I realise this struggle has given me huge empathy and a big, big heart. 

Alongside this, I am fiercely ambitious and incredibly motivated.

I work really hard and also do what I say I am going to do.

I wasn't very good at 'waiting for the phone to ring' to give me permission to start living my 'dream life'.

I knew I had to figure it out. I knew what I wanted to create when I became a parent: 

  • A way to combine my passions; to spend most of my time doing stuff that made me feel good

  • A flexible working situation where I could work for myself. Where I could choose and create my own hours. Where I could be open to possibility and opportunity. 

  • Where I could actually enjoy my life and earn great money to do whatever I wanted. I was bored of struggling and playing small doing stuff that wasn't meant for me. I am a big geek and rebel in equal measure...I love learning but I like to add my own twist on it. 

  • I wanted to be a mother and be present. To not just spend my life stressed, busy and wiping (definitely didn't anticipate the amount of wiping) but to actually enjoy family life; to go on adventures and create buckets of joy in my life (the miserable, box set version of me isn't particularly entertaining...but I often have a fantastic array of comfort food!)

Fast forward ten years on, I am thrilled to say this is my reality. This is not to be smug or annoying and there is a big old disclaimer coming right now... my life is not perfect all the time.

But on the whole, I am pretty content.

I have options. I have choice. I have invested £1000s into my own development over the years...because these strategies work.

However it wasn't always like this. In fact if you had asked me at 25 what I would be doing in ten years from now, I wouldn't have believed you. 

  • That I would still be with the man I have just started having drunken chats with...

  • That we would have a beautiful son together (and hope to grow our family in the future)

  • That we would live together in our ideal part of London and be creatively fulfilled

  • That I could have an eclectic, creative, thriving career that allows me to be a present parent and nurture my ambition. But also help others to create their own version of success. 

perspective (5).png

So let's get specific, what type of clients work with me?

Often there is a sense of feeling stuck. Maybe overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and overworked.

You know you are supposed to do brilliant things in the world but you don't seem to be making the progress you want.

Perhaps there are obstacles in the way; money, time, resources, childcare, your own thoughts, tiredness...

But still you know you want matters to improve. Other people seemed to have figured it out, so why shouldn't you

(I totally agree with this statement and don't worry, you can do it too)

Many of my clients are freelancers, personal brands and business owners. They specifically don't want to live an inflexible corporate life.

(Some of my clients want help to make the move...)

I help clients to: 

Build a business and a life that suits them. 

To maximise the time you have available and create clear strategies that are going to get results.

To notice the overwhelm but not let it define you. You can have some 'me' time too. You don't have to work all the time. To work smart not hard. I will help you create the quickest, fastest, most straight forward plan to get from A-B

To be more present in their life, rather than that 'frazzled feeling'

To bring in consistent income. Life costs FACT and doing a passion project and spending a lot of time arsing about is not an option. You need to bring in more than a cup of coffee and a bus fare for a morning's work...

To work practically and within your life's circumstances. I have a toddler. I don't necessarily want to high five strangers in Bali on a 'find your life's purpose' retreat. Sure, a week's worth of uninterrupted sleep would be worth the airfare money in itself but your commitments may not allow you to pop on a plane. You need the plan and need to get moving. 


To help you develop your idea (or you may have 1258 ideas kicking around!)...

To help you create IMPACT and actually get the money coming in. You may have done stuff before; bought a book, attended a talk, or talked it over with a pal over some wines. I will help you focus on money making activities. 

To be an expert in your field. 

To nail the basics; How do I sell this? What should I charge? What should I say about myself? What will people think? Am I ready?

How to be the CEO of your business but also move forward from where you are right now.

Visibility: The power of video; how you can use it in a way that suits you and allows us to get to know you better. How to create your ideal branding head shots. Both areas come naturally to me as I have been an actor for over 25 years- don't worry there are some very simple tips that are going to change everything.

How to go to the next level...create your focuses for the coming months. Building consistency and accountability. 

You may need to gain the missing pieces... ideal customers, creating irresistible packages and services that will pay you well so you can 'fly' on your terms.

Creating your USP so you are the go to person. Maximising your skills, talents, expertise and experience so you can be the best version of yourself and bring enormous value.

How you can build the evidence that you can do the job...Testimonials, how to pitch, building your elevator pitch and your snappy and succinct answer to 'So what do you do then?'


To actually give yourself the time/permission headspace to consider what you want for your business and life if you allowed yourself to dream big and made a plan to make it happen. 

Actually figuring out what you want; what is important and what you value. What your short term and long term goals are so you can build action plans that are aligned. This is intense work that needs a certain mindset. Not one that is accompanied by the soundtrack of Cbeebies and a toddler who is 'operating' the washing machine like a typical morning for me. Working hard, rushing around, constantly playing catch up can feel relentless. But once you know the big picture, the trickiness along the way is all worth it. 

Some key topics I love: 

Dreaming big | Mapping out what you want for your business and life | Making life and career work on your terms. 

It all starts with you. If you are not on top form, no one wins. I share practical exercises to help you figure out where you are now; emotionally, physically, mentally, financially and then help you get to where you want to be in the above areas.

Discover habits, thoughts, patterns of behaviour that may be distracting, holding you back, procrastinating and keeping you playing small.Uncover any limiting beliefs which are a reflection of the 'old you' and are annoyingly getting in the way. You will also create your non negotiations i.e the stuff you need to make life better for you and then scheduling them on a regular basis, create delegation strategies so you get the help you need. 

Finally uplevel your surroundings, your mindset, your daily life to create the success you deserve and quickly switch gears from parent to business owner.

Some topics I love: 

Creating a life and a business that is satisfying but not overwhelming. Looking at building confidence and challenging limiting beliefs and old stories that are holding you back. 


Stress free life is the best. Obviously we are not going for perfection buuuttt there will be invaluable tweaks you can make, including: Boundaries...get great boundaries and your whole business and life will change. I promise... just you wait and see...Systems. I will show you how to create systems in your business so things will run smoothly and effectively. Templates will be your best friend...I will show you how. Identify triggers which slow things down; these could be thoughts, activities, actions or people

A spring clean of your business and life. You will take a good look around and reflect on what is working and where changes are necessary.


  • You stop being a wishy washy person who only talks about your dreams. Instead you make them happen. You stop just hoping that someday you maaay get a chance to do what you want and you take the first steps. 

  • You build a plan.. a practical solution to take you from where you are to where you want to get to... you know, actionable baby steps.

  • It works for most people. Despite being all Northern and a bit skeptical, this stuff worked for me. I was back on track. I was suddenly back in control and on my way to carving this wonderful portfolio career I have now.

  • Change can be difficult. It can be easier to stay the same. We need strategies to make everything easy. 

  • You gain clarity... identifying what you want. You stop going round in circles and not knowing where to start? When we work together, I will help you get specific so everything is aligned and you work smartly not necessarily hard. 

  • Coaching requires focus and commitment- therefore you are likely to get quicker results as you work alongside a coach.

  • You generate options- perhaps solutions/possibilities/opportunities that you haven't yet considered. 

  • You can challenge your limiting beliefs. Often my clients build confidence and let go off negative mind chatter that doesn't serve them. Unlock what is holding you back so you can move forward promptly. 

  • No more of that 'foggy head' feeling, you will have an exact process to follow as I help you break down things that are currently feeling 'huge' 'overwhelming' or 'confusing'.

  • You become accountable. We all can slip into 'Oh, I'll do it tomorrow/next week/when I feel ready' and then procrastination takes over so ideas are shelved. As your coach, I am invested in your results and provide measures and motivation to keep you on track. 

  • By investing in yourself, you raise the stakes and are likely to gain quicker and greater results. By moving away from 'maybe one day, I will do x, y and z' to creating an action plan with a coach you accelerate the progress.

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