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Hello, I’m Nicky.

I’m an actor, coach, writer, speaker and podcaster.

Based in London, I have a thriving, diverse, creative portfolio career.

I am a big dreamer, I have a big heart and often a big mug of tea! I am also a big action taker.

NIcky Raby

My ‘job description’ wasn’t presented to me as an option at school and my blend of skills are not easily searchable on Linked In.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to create my own version of business and life and now my work helps others to do the same. I want to help you do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Even if you don’t think that is possible for you. There is always a way…

How I got here…

Nicky Raby

I grew up in Lincolnshire and moved to London in 2000. I trained as an actor at Mountview and have been in the acting industry for over 25 years.

I knew I wasn’t going to thrive well just waiting for the phone to ring so after doing many weird and wonderful jobs to make ends meet, I decided to create my own lovely flavour of career.

I trained as a business and life coach in 2012 (certified by The Coaching Academy) and since coached over 1000 clients.

My coaching work can be 1:1, creating online courses, writing for publications or speaking to packed audiences and sharing my big back of tools and techniques.

I launched my podcast ‘Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby’ in January 2018. It regularly charts on the top 100 business podcast charts on iTunes, receiving thousands of plays per months and heard in every continent in the world.

I am regularly featured in the press and invited to speak on panels or host events to discuss the above topics. Recent collaborations include: Stylist Live, Sheer Luxe, Digital Mums, Clementine, Raising Films, The Early Hour, The Huffington Post, Maternity and Infant Magazine.

I live in London with my partner of 11 years and three year old son.