Nicky Raby

Hello, I’m Nicky.

I’m an actor, coach, writer, speaker, podcaster and Mum of two.

Based in London, I have a thriving, diverse, creative portfolio career.

I am a big dreamer, I have a big heart and often a big mug of tea! I am also a big action taker.

I have helped over 1000 people through my coaching work to build their brands; personal and business. My clients want to create a version of business and life that suits their goals, personality and circumstances and share my bespoke framework covering vision, strategy and mindset.

My podcast ‘Dreaming and Doing with Nicky Raby’ launched in January 2018 and I have recorded over 200 episodes. I share my personal branding toolkit and cover topics such as money, getting visible, goal setting, pitching, mindset, becoming an expert to name a few in daily mini episodes. I also have shared over a 100 interviews discussing different versions of success; I spoken to journalists, health professionals, creatives, app developers, writers, digital gurus, movers and shakers.

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