What would you do if you were the best in the world?

What a question, hey? 'Being the best' is the world' as an actor can be quite subjective so for the purposes of this question, I would choose the actor that you deem 'the best in the world'. 

We hear all kinds of stories from across the pond from the A listers and their rituals and lifestyle choices. Part of the norm tends to feature early morning workouts, ora cleansing and a team of experts on hand to attend to every need. 

However when we delve deeper, we discover much of success can be down to mindset, determination and self belief. 

I am a huge fan of autobiographies as I am fascinated by human behaviour- what makes he/she stand out, how he/she make the transition to the next level and how challenges can be overcome? 

We can all get stuck in a rut and run out of creative ideas, so I would like to put 5 strategies in the mix to help you consider an alternative perspective. 


1. Who do you admire?

Firstly I want you to identify who you admire- whose work do you love to view? Whose career would you like to emulate? Who do you always connect with? Put together a list of names and then ask yourself why? Why has that particular person made the list? Stay away from general points like 'because they are a good actor', delve deeper and question. 

2. Where do you hold yourself back?

When I listened to actors who have 'made it', often one of the biggest pieces of advice he or she offers is to 'go for it'. However that can be easier said than done- especially when life is busy. I would like you to ask yourself the question? Perhaps you are stuck in negative mind chatter? Perhaps you are too accommodating of others and you don't allow yourself to be forthright? Perhaps you don't have enough self belief so you are reluctant to seek opportunities. There is no right or wrong. Simply note down your findings. 

3. Which negative patterns do you indulge? 

This is not about seeking perfection, this is simply becoming the best that we can be. Life should be about moderation, so if you eat a burger one day, enjoy it. However I am talking about the patterns that always slow down your process. Perhaps, you are perpetually late? Perhaps you are frivolous with money so never have spare cash to invest in yourself? Or maybe you beat yourself up about small errors, rather than focusing on the big picture. Note down your findings. 

4. Build your Success Toolkit

We live in a fantastic age full of resources, namely the internet at our finger tips- so use it productively. There are so many amazing nuggets out there- interviews, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos. Begin to build up your easily accessible tool kit, don't sit in a negative state. If you feel yourself creeping into one, get googling and reinvigorate yourself with positive, inspiring stories. 

5. How could you implement what you have discovered? 

Sometimes we can celebrate too quickly... 'well I have read the book so I'm all good'. This is only half way there. What are you going to do with that information? How can you use it or reshape it in your life? How quickly can you get started? Note down what you have noticed and then make a plan. Always write down your findings and track your process. 

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