Nurturing Mums | Session One

On Thursday, my son and I attended our first session of Nurturing Mums, a fantastic postnatal group for new mums.

My baby was born in October 2015 so we spent the first few months cocooned indoors (often in a dressing gown… why do I have so many photos of me in a dressing gown?!) feeding, chatting and welcoming friends and family to join our hanging/sofa chilling/tea drinking bubble. Then Christmas arrived and it was more of the same but with MORE tea and an occasional wine. Plus a regular chunk of Waitrose New York cheesecake (I would highly recommend you try it, if you haven’t). 

But as the weeks became months and I began to ask 'What week are in again?!’ (this was a great book for us by the way), I knew it was time to venture out a little more.

Plus as time went on, I had an urge to connect with other mums who were going through vaguely the same thing. I wanted to have reassuring conversations and ‘Ohh, you too!’ moments. I wanted to be able to say frank things e.g. ‘Have you got achy knees from breastfeeding?’ and be understood and heard. I'm not saying I could only be heard by new mums but if your children are a bit older you may have forgotten this stage (I think mother nature has a protective way of erasing any difficult times). Or if you are not a parent, my questions and conversation starters may be a little on the dull side. 

I started to explore local options and discovered some great play and music classes and of course, Nurturing Mums.

Our local group welcomed us with brilliant coffee (P.s I never get bored of being given hot drinks as a new mum) and a collection of friendly smiles.

First came the informal introductions - no pressure to over share and no judgy questions asked. Lots of the babies were in the fourth trimester so quite a few of the mums shared their birth stories. As my son is a little older, I did share a little which I hadn't done for a while. It felt refreshing and empowering actually and a reminder that producing a human is a big thing. I had recently had series of rough, sleep deprived nights which can make you doubt your choices and your own sense. When in the midst of juggling a baby, work and general life, it can be easy to forget that it is still early days, what a feat giving birth is and it is ok to have a pile of dishes waiting to be washed with nowhere to go. It is all ok.

Lucinda is a great host- open, warm and immediately makes you feel relaxed. Nothing like one of those mother and baby groups you may have been to where everyone stares at you when you arrive.

We also met lovely Felicity who took some pictures of the mums and baby- one of which we were gifted. This was a great excuse to slap on a bit of slap and take some time to get ready. (Hair was almost dry at the front but definitely still a bit drippy at the back- that's what cropping is for, eh?!)

We left the session armed with a goody bag, full of local offers and a sense of 'What a lovely morning' and an overall smugness that we were actually on time for a 10am start!

Next week is sleep week and although sleep is improving in our household, we are far from sleeping through the night so looking forward to picking up some strategies that we can experiment with.

To find out more about Nurturing Mums, visit the website here