Interview with Miranda Ballard | Muddy Boots

I first met Miranda when she spoke at our Ideas Club event.

I felt inspired by her 'can do' attitude and infectious energy for business and her brand.

I wanted to find out more.

-How they left the 9-5
-How to build a business with your husband
-How to pitch to Waitrose
-How to open your first shop
-How to build a brand

Watch this interview to hear Muddy Boots' fascinating story. There are so many actionable nuggets and strategies to kick start your idea.

Big thanks to Miranda, Roland and the team.

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Charcuterie - How to enjoy, serve and cook with cured meats: Click here

Burgers & Sliders - 30 classic and gourmet recipes for the original fast food: Click here

Modern Meat Kitchen - How to choose, prepare and cook meat and poultry: Click here

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